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Army Gallery: Stephan Huber’s Celts

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Not long ago we showed off Stephan’s talent with a paintbrush when we showcased his Romans. Now, we’re happy to bring you Stephan’s glorious Warlord Celts:

First off we have the might and majesty of Stephan’s Celt Chieftains. These models are perfect for leading any barbaric horde to victory over invading armies. As you can see, Stephan has lavished extra time and attention on these miniatures as befits their high station.

Next up we have a quartet of Celt Druids. It’s well known that your army simply can’t be lead to victory properly unless a still-beating heart is sacrificed on a rough-hewn ivy covered plinth in a bog. Mr. Huber was of course well aware of this when he painted these savage shamans. Whether you prefer your Druids skyclad or in the ever-popular “crone” flavour, these models are perfect for any Celt horde.

Last and not least we have a regiment of Celt Slingers. Nothing ruins an invading soldier’s day more than having his skull crushed in with a hurled rock. As you can see, Stephan brings his skills to bear on these lowly missile troops by giving each model a unique look while keeping their colours regimented. Well done!

All of these fine miniatures and many more are now available for purchase to form your own Celt horde right now in the Warlord webstore!