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The Praetorian Guard of Imperial Rome

The Praetorian Guard of Imperial Rome

Originally formed by the Emperor Augustus, the Praetorian Guard were the elite cadre of soldiers that became the true power of Rome, ruling from behind the scenes. They were responsible for killing off Emperors as much as they were for protecting them and sometimes even took matters into their own hands. This was the case…

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Scenery: Roman Watchtower

Keep a lookout for enemy troops with the Roman Watchtower from Sarissa Precision, ideal for the battlefields of both SPQR and Hail Caesar. View in Store The Roman Watchtower The Romans built numerous towers as part of a system of communications, one example being the towers along Hadrian’s Wall in Britain. They also built many…

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SPQR: Caesar’s Legions

Crush your foes under the might of the Roman Legions. Caesar’s Legions march into SPQR with some of the most elite, well-armed troops in the game. Caesar’s Legions – Heroes A wealth of legendary leaders are available to lead your legionaries in SPQR campaigns. Julius Caesar’s eventual victory in the Gallic Wars would give him…

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New: Romans (second edition)

New in from Karwansaray Publishers and Fragma comes the deliciously gorgeous second edition of their photographic history of Romans! View in Store Watch a video review of the hardback (first) edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00eMVqhs1RE The Romans have left their mark on the history of North-West Europe. But what did they really look like? What did they wear?…

Hail Caesar, Roman

Hobby: Making Caesarean Romans!

Warlorder & studio painter Andrés has created another regiment with some easy conversions for you to try at home: Andrés: In this second article I’ll talk about very easy and fast conversions you can perform on your plastic legionaries, to get the most out of this fantastic plastic set. What started as an interest in…