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Terminator : The Skynet Files Issue 1

We see many different Battle Reports here at Warlord Games – whether they’re posted on the Warlord Forums, or perhaps in one of the many Warlord-related Facebook Groups, or on independent blogs – however, we were particularly impressed with Gareth White’s recent first issue of ‘The Skynet Files’ – a creative and particularly striking account!…

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Battlefield Naseby!

The Naseby Battlefield Project is working to preserve the heritage of Naseby, where arguably the crucial battle of the English Civil War was fought on 14 June 1645. The outcome was the destruction of Charles I’s field army and the overthrow of autocratic monarchy in Britain – a milestone on the road to democracy. While…

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La Bataille de Mont St. Mackler – A Black Powder Napoleonic Battle Report

By David Sullivan We had another game of Black Powder this weekend at The Panzer Depot in Kirkland, WA. We played the ‘Battle of San Miguel’ scenario from the rules book, substituting Napoleonic troops for the Isabelinos and Carlists. Bob “Fox of the Steppe” Mackler commanded his Russians, Mike Lombardy and Bill “The Meat Grinder”…