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Maciej Krol, Warlords own Polish Sales Manager, & friend Jan Gradon recently laid out their battlefield and got stuck in



Maciej; We played the Point Defence scenario (Bolt Action rule book page 112), I used my US Marines with my Sherman ‘Fury’ against Jan and his Japanese as a defender. I chose to take Air support which was to prove a great choice this time.


IMG_3304Maciej’s airpower swoops in to destroy the Japanese Right Flank

IMG_3292Maciej’s howitzer started out ineffective but zeroed in toward the end, a pivotal turning point!


As I didn’t have any transport, I decided to ignore the left flank and its objective allowing me to focus on the two other objectives.


IMG_3282Maciej’s Right flank start their advance


All my teams have maximum BARs to soften the enemy before they hit with their banzai! charge – Jan’s units are quite big in numbers.

Jan: As I was the defender I took extras to make my units big and soak up the marines fire. Maciej wasn’t about to make it easy for me, despite rejoicing as he rolled a 1 for his preparatory bombardment (thus failing to hurt me before we started), his air support would appear in the early rounds and caused massive destruction! With my right flank weakened I adapted my plan then tried to push forward from the center objective and deny him the easy cover from which he could launch an attack. After-all the best form of defense is attack!


IMG_3286Jan’s troops ready to go over the top!

IMG_3301Jan’s right flank about to be hit by superior air power

IMG_3287Jan’s left flank fairs better, moving into a good cover position overlooking the objective

Maciej’s forces advance down to the stream on his right flank and experience the first Kamikaze attacks!


I managed to set up for an attack against his Sherman that was attempting to negotiate the stream, but with so much fire I held back in the cover and opted to send in my Kamikaze teams!


IMG_32972nd turn sees the lines of attack becoming more obvious and the action shifts to the US right flank


Maciej: My HE finally had some luck (quite a few sixes :)) seriously thinning and pinning Jan’s central units. While over on the Japanese left flank, Jan’s 3rd kamikaze in a row dodged and rolled, surviving 7 HMG shots to plant his charge and destroy my Sherman!


IMG_3310Maciej’s US Marines push forward to attack the right flank under cover of the Sherman’s guns

Right into the path of Jan’s Kamikaze anti tank teams – Banzai!


The battle heated up and as turn 6 came to a close I managed a close fought victory, claiming the centre objective, and was very close to capturing the one on my right – the dice was rolled and a result of a 2 meant it was over, I was one turn short! So, as per the scenario victory conditions, the battle ended and as I only held the 1 objective it was a draw.


Jan’s type 87 medium mortar digs in to good cover behind the village huts


Jan: Loosing my right flank hurt early on but Maciej was focusing on the center and my left, relieving the pressure and allowing me to get my Kamikaze attacks prepared. I must say under so much fire I didn’t expect them to get through, but it goes to show if you persevere, the fruits of your labour will come.


IMG_3296Maciej’s US Marines eye up the defences before the attack


Maciej: We had a really good time (as always with Jan) and we are planning to have more battles soon. We are making more scenery dedicated to Far East and Pacific and now with my Empire in Flames book arriving and giving us more ideas on terrain and extra rules (like tropical hazards, digging in and amphibious assaults) you may expect more and better from us in the future.



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