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New: Finnish ‘Build an Army’ – and Bolt Action Deals

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Over the past few months we’ve put together a handy army building tool in the Warlord webstore, which not only gives you a simple method of putting together a bespoke army package via a series of drop-downs, but also offers a FREE TANK!

This week we’re expanding the ‘Build an Army’ system to cover the Finnish forces!

Finnish Build an Army

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So far we’ve launched this tool for 8 different nations – and have even expanded it across to Black Powder – keep watching for more in the future!

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The ‘Build an Army’ tool is ideal for anyone looking to put together a new army – and we’ve tried to include as may options as possible in each, to give as broader appeal as is possible.

However – it’s well-worth browsing through the Warlord webstore regularly – as we have a huge variety of deals on offer – Starter Sets, Army Deals, and Terrain Bundles – so whether you’re new to Bolt Action, or perhaps you’re looking to enlist reinforcements, or you’re looking to overhaul your gaming table with a new tables worth of terrain – there’s bound to be a deal for you!

Here are just a few of the deals on offer…


D-Day Firefight – Recently Updated!

D-Day Firefight is the ideal way to begin your battle field career in Bolt Action! Containing two opposing forces, D-Day Firefight includes all the Bolt Action rules as well as a scenario booklet guiding your through your first steps in the game. Before long you’ll be adding to your new army and wreaking havoc on your foes!

In the past few weeks, we’ve updated the content of D-Day Firefight to include our fantastic German Grenadier sprues and our recently released Sd.Kfz 251/1 ausf D halftrack.



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D-Day Deals!

If you’re looking to create a force based upon the iconic events of D-Day, we’ve created some themed bundles which give you the key elements of themed German, British and American forces around the Normandy beachheads!

US DDay Circle Small British DDay Circle Small German DDay Circle Small


Pacific-themed Deals

If you’re looking to dive into our upcoming ‘Empires in Flames‘ Theatre Book, focused on the battles in the Pacific and Far East, why not take a look at some of the staff armies we put together last year…

We developed three 1,000pt themed army deals – as collected and played by Warlord staff members in the ‘Collecting Armies for the Pacific Theatre’ article series (part one, part two, part three, part four.)

Rich Army Smalll Ches Army Small Daz Army Small

The Eagle Has Landed

Last month we pinched a few of the boss’ favourite war film DVDs and have started creating product bundles based around them…

So – if you’re looking to recreate those iconic scenes from the classic movie – click here for a specially-created Bolt Action mission based upon the film, and click the images below to take a look at the themed deals on offer!

Steiner - Eagle Has Landed 2

Eagle Small 4 Eagle Small 3 Eagle Small 2


Getting Started Bundles

Perhaps you’re looking for a present for a friend – or sneakily you’re secretly plotting to spread the good word of Warlord and convert some new gamers to Bolt Action? – then look no further!

Buy any of our 1,000pt Boxed Army Deals and their accompanying ‘Armies of’ book – and we’ll include a pack of Order Dice of your chosen colour FREE!

Getting Started Bundle

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Terrain Bundles

Over the past few months, we’ve hugely bolstered the number of Terrain Bundles on offer. By listening to the community’s wants, we’ve put together a series of themed bundle packages – offering a complete battlefield’s worth of terrain in one handy package!

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Wheels of Steel

Of course, we can’t forget our trusty ‘Wheels of Steel‘ discount! Buy 3 or more Bolt Action vehicles (any vehicles!) and you will receive a 10% discount off of all three! The discount is automatically taken care of in your shopping cart so all you have to do is pick three or more vehicles.


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…and since we’re talking about deals…

Just this past week, we’ve overhauled the 500pts British Airborne Army and 1000pts British Airborne Army Deals, updating their contents to correlate with our recently re-worked British Paratroop Section Box Set.

British Paratroop Section

British Airborne Reinforcements

 If you’re new to Bolt Action, many of these offers are an ideal way to get started with the game – and we created the award winning site specifically to serve as an introduction to the game. The site is packed with helpful information to guide you through the early stages of getting to grips with the concepts of army collection, list-building, and of course – the rules.

bolt-action-intro-site…and of course, ensure that you’re subscribed to the Warlord Games Newsletter – which is sent out twice per week (a Wednesday edition, which is crammed-full of historcal, gaming, and hobby articles, and a Friday edition which contains new releases EVERY WEEK!)

newsletter-f-600x556 With new releases every week of the year, new scenarios published regularly, a brand new Theatre Book due to be released next month, and heaps more in the pipeline… Bolt Action goes from strength to strength!