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New: The Army Painter Warpaints – 2017 Sets now available!

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The Army Painter have updated their best wargamer paints sets giving you even more choice for your armies colours, plus are now offering a superbly huge and complete range in a limited edition box set!


Warpaints is an acrylic paint range from Army Painter specifically designed to compliment both their Colour primer sprays and their Quickshade paint ranges. Army Painter have gone out of their way to find the best suppliers for each type of paint (Colours, Metallics and Inks) to provide us hobbyists with unparalleled quality.

Each paint comes in a full 18ml. dropper bottle, enabling you to administer the exact amounts of paint you need and avoiding the age old issue of paint drying out in the pot.

For quality, coverage and usability, the Wargamer Warpaints are arguably now the best of the best in the Industry.

The Army Painter offers a range of paint sets – giving both beginners and veteran painters a choice of their ideal set:

Warpaints Starter Paint Set


The perfect Starter Paint set for any wargaming system. All the base colours you need for painting miniatures. In this set you will find 10 of the most needed colours – including one FREE Quickshade Wash that makes your miniatures come to life with a natural shading.

The set even provides you with a brush to get you started!


  • 10 Warpaints – including one FREE Quickshade Wash
  • 1 Hobby Highlighting Brush
  • 1 The Army Painter Painting Guide

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Warpaints Mega Paint Set


This fantastic and high value Mega Paint set includes the best possible quality paints, metallics and washes available today.

It has all the colours you need as well as the one of the most popular hand-made wargaming brushes in the wargaming industry.
Some Warpaints have a Colour Primer spray equivalent – and these paints are marked with the small logo: “100% MATCH”.

The Washes are a superb quality and also matches the Quickshade tones of the same name – giving you a perfect shading effect.


  • 50 Warpaints; 39 Acrylic Warpaints, 5 Metallic Warpaints, 4 Quickshade Washes and 2 Effects Warpaints
  • 1 Triangular handled Regiment Brush
  • 1 The Army Painter Painting Guide

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The Complete Wargamers Paint Set includes every colour from The Army Painters new fantastic range. As a serious wargamer and painter you will get EVERYTHING in this box you will ever need in order to paint any type of army, no-matter the size of the miniature or genre.

The Warpaints are creamy and highly pigmented with astonishing blending capabilities, the washes cover perfectly and the metallics are quite possibly the best in the industry.

There are also 9 Effect Paints for anything from Glistening Blood to Wet Mud, Dry Rust or for example Disgusting Slime!

This set offers massive saving and even includes 5 of the most popular Wargamer brushes absolutely free!


  • 124 Warpaints; 96 Acrylic Warpaints, 8 Metallic Warpaints, 11 Quickshade Washes and 9 Effects Warpaints,
  • 5 Wargamer Brushes
  • 1 The Army Painter Painting Guide


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The War Gamer has provided a great un-boxing video of the Complete Paint Set, check it out here: