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Z Z Zombies!

An all you can eat Zombie Fest! Project Z style… time to get hacking as your survivors take on the horde in a fight to survive deal! Project Z Plus Deal View in Store Been tempted to venture into the streets of Project Z? Hold back no longer with this super starter, all you can…

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New: Foam Insert for Project Z

Protect your Zombie horde and plucky survivors with this brilliant foam insert. It slides neatly into the boxed game and fits all the game components and assembled models, so you can happily pack them away to transport or to stack on your shelf until the next time you fancy some brain-eating mayhem! The insert is available…

Latest Products, Project Z

Pre-Order: The Project Z – Mart!

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the streets… Food’s running low, supplies are getting scarce, and there’s only one place near that will hold all that you need… hopefully! Fresh off the laser machines at Sarissa Precision comes this fantastic Project Z-Mart (Zombie Supermarket !). Dare you enter and risk the…