Project Z: European Language editions available to order today!

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PJz Cards mc

Yes the hugely successful Project Z has broken out from the English version into new and separate European language editions and they’re heading our way and available to Pre Order today:

Not only that but for all of you residing in these countries we have a brand new set of European language Zombie cards each!

These sets contain every single printed card so far available from the additional gang box sets – that’s the Male & Female survivors, bike gang, spec ops, and zombie sets! That’s over 100 cards!


View the French Project Z in Store

Box ITA 3D

View the Italian Project Z in Store


View the German Project Z Store


View the Spanish Project Z Store

The cards sets contain only the cards of the expansion. You need the Project Z game to play. So the 55 cards in the main game are not included in the tuck boxes!


Project Z Logo with Subtitle

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