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New: Doc Puke brings the Zombie Beast to the Z-Mart!

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Available to order today come the special characters that All Zombie players must have… Doc Puke and the Zombie Beast.

Those of you who went for the special Mayhem at the Mall set will have already seen these fantastic characters but now they’re here to bolster the Zombie masses and create havoc for your gangs!


Doctor Puke

Doc Puke

Doc Puke comes with his own special Project Z play card specific to him alone – Swarming Horde! Allowing him to swamp gang members under the grizzly remans of what you thought were dead Zombies!

753010002 Doc Puke

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Zombie Beast

Zombie Beast 1

This pack comes with components to make not 1 but 2 versions! You’ll get 1 hulking body along with 2 head variations as well as 2 left hand options! Don’t forget either the special cards that come solely with this pack for extra game play in Project Z!

753010001 Zombie Beast

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Choose your weapon and clean up the deli

Recreate classic Hollywood horror movie scenes in this specially-designed Project-Z Supermarket – complete with shelving units, cash machines, checkouts, vending machine, and…

…wait – did anyone check the back room…?


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  • 4x Long Shelf Units
  • 1x Magazine Rack
  • 1x Magazine Rack
  • 1x Cash Machine
  • 2x Checkouts
  • 4x Aircon Units
  • Rear Loading Bays and Offices


Note that all furniture pieces (shelves, cash machine, checkouts etc) are loose, so this set may be arranged (and re-arranged) in many different ways!

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Check out the rest of the Project Z range whilst stocks last!


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