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Results: The gaming groups starting Antares funded by us are…

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We recently contacted hundreds of clubs across the UK (and the rest of the world) to see if there would be interest in an Antares project and were stunned by the shear weight and quality of the replies! So here we go after a week of deliberation based solely on your applications we have a final list of clubs/groups that we have chosen to take an Antares journey with us…

With the sheer number of applications the decision was made this week to increase the number of clubs/groups from 4 to 8, a move graciously sanctioned by Warlord boss John Stallard – who wants as many of you involved as possible. Therefore the number of individuals receiving armies, rulebooks, dice and everything else to get you started has increased from 16 to 32.

Below are the results of the winners broken down by club/group – the people taking part and what faction they have chosen. Please join us in congratulating everyone and we ask you to support their efforts through social media when it all kicks off in September 2016.

Scythe and Teacup Gamer cafe (Liverpool, UK)

Name Faction
Martin Otten Algoryn
Phil Millar Boromites
Dan Millar Concord
Shane Phillips Isorian

October Wargames Association (Birmingham, UK)

Name Faction
Mark Croft Ghar Empire
Artur Sliwinski Boromites
Brett Dawson Concord
Jonathan Sommerville Freeborn

Poole Gaming Society (Poole, UK)

Name Faction
Daniel Ewing Algoryn
Dave Palmer Boromites
Jack Masterman Concord
Matthew Daunt Freeborn

St Aidens Warriors Group (Clarkston, Scotland)

Name Faction
Kenny Hall Algoryn
Lorne Campball Ghar Empire
Gary Martin Concord
Richard Prunty Isorian

Fresh Coast Gaming (Michigan, USA)

Name Faction
Joshua Brownfield Freeborn
Oscar Brownfield Boromites
Will Kochis Isorian
Jeremy Groat Ghar Empire

Noise Sector (Ringwood, Nr. Melbourne, Australia)

Name Faction
Dan Barton Concord
Asher Longley Algoryn
Mitch Thomas Isorian
Mick Porter Ghar Empire

Tupperforge (Marseille, France)

Name Faction
Jonathan Manon Ghar Empire
Romain Larrouy Boromites
Guillaume Pastor Freeborn
Nicolas Gautier Isorian

WNW (Melbourne, Australia)

Name Faction*
Ben Rantall Boromites
Huw Evans Concord
Ben Kochskamper Isorian
Mathew Sellick Ghar Empire
*We have listed the factions you requested, they may not be by the right person as you weren’t specific. Feel free to swop them around amoung yourselves.

A massive well done to everyone above and we look forward to the six months of Antares excitement we have planned for you and us! We will shortly be in touch via email to confirm the results and to share with you what we have planned.

What if we didn’t get chosen?

For everyone who didn’t get chosen we hope you are not too disappointed. To soften the blow Warlord Games is going to send each group who completed the questions we sent back to you a box containing the ‘Drone Integration’ scenario along with all the figures, dice, templates, pin markers etc that you will need to be able to play it at your club. This introductory set makes it very easy for you to have a taster of Antares and goes a long way to getting you started with both a Ghar and a Concord army (another generous decision by the Warlord Boss!).

Each group/club will be contacted via email for a postal address so we can send this out to you.

Finally we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to write to us telling us how much they like Beyond the Gates of Antares. Please carry this excitement into your adventures within the Antarean universe – which is limited only by your imagination.

We hope to see your forces and hear about your battles very soon.


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