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Pre-Order: Project Z Mart coming soon!

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Fancy a steak? You may have to chop your way in!

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Heading our way soon from the great chaps at Sarissa Precision comes this fantastic Project Z-Mart (Zombie Supermarket!). Dare you enter and risk the Zombie Horde as you strip the shelves of vital supplies?


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Choose your weapon and clean up the deli

Recreate classic Hollywood horror movie scenes in this specially-designed Project-Z Supermarket – complete with shelving units, cash machines, checkouts, vending machine, and…

…wait – did anyone check the back room…?



  • 4x Long Shelf Units
  • 1x Magazine Rack
  • 1x Magazine Rack
  • 1x Cash Machine
  • 2x Checkouts
  • 4x Aircon Units
  • Rear Loading Bays and Offices

Note that all furniture pieces (shelves, cash machine, checkouts etc) are loose, so this set may be arranged (and re-arranged) in many different ways!

Pre-Order in Store

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Project Z Pre-Order Status

With components arriving from their various manufacturers and countries the 4 new European languages sets plus the English language version will be in our warehouse very soon. This means, for all of you that are supporting Project Z with your fantastic Pre-Orders, that we’ll be packing furiously to ship your Zombies in their various forms out to you in the coming weeks!

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Get your Pre Orders in today:
We’ve a guaranteed number arriving for those all ready ordered but please make sure you pre-Order asap to make sure you get your copy as we’re very limited in extra stock!


View the English Project Z in Store


View the French Project Z in Store


View the Italian Project Z in Store

View the German Project Z Store


View the Spanish Project Z Store

Pre-Orders for the Project Z box sets, Mayhem at the Mall special offer deals and the Project Z Mart are scheduled to ship early August 2016.

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