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Black Powder 1 Rules PDF plus Albion Triumphant 1 & 2!

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Your easy to use PDFs are ready to accompany you into glorious battle!

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Black Powder 1, PDF format

Recreate great battles of the 18th and 19th centuries with armies of model soldiers on the tabletop.

Crammed with useful reference material, brilliant illustrations and superb armies from Warlords collection and others, such as the renowned Perry twins, the original Black Powder 1 book is perfect for referencing and inspiration.

In addition, seven complete examples of Black Powder battles are included, embracing a range of conflicts throughout the period covered – both real and imagined…

  • The American War of Independence – the Battle of Freeman’s Farm 1777
  • The Peninsular War – Fight Retreat at El Perez 1809
  • The Carlist War – the Battle at San Miguel 1830s
  • The Crimea – Crimea River 1854
  • The American Civil War – Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek 1862
  • The Zulu War – Action at Ntombi 1879
  • The Sudan – the Battle of El Teb 1884


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Albion Triumphant Vol 1, the peninsular campaign – now in PDF format

This Supplement for the Black Powder game overviews the main battles, armies and personalities of these campaigns, and includes army lists, scenarios and special rules to enable you to re-fight them using the Black Powder rules. Featured conflicts include:

  • Flanders Campaign (1793-95)
  • Rolica (1808)
  • Vimero (1808)
  • Talavera (1809)
  • Granja de la Abundancia (1810)
  • Guidad Espanola (1810)
  • Fuentes de Onoro (1811)
  • Salamanca (1812)


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Albion Triumphant Vol 2, the Hundred Days Campaign – now in PDF format

This supplement for Black Powder overviews the main battles, armies and personalities of the Hundred Days Campaign, and includes army list, scenarios and special rules to enable you to re-fight them using the Black Powder rules. Featured Conflicts include:

  • Quatre Bras & Ligny (16th June 1815)
  • Hougoumont (18th June 1815)
  • Waterloo (18th June 1815)

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Paper versions, with exclusive miniatures:

Each of these fantastic books are of course available in good old paper fashion and when ordering from the Warlord web store provide you with a FREE special personality figure to add to your burgeoning collection:


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New Waterloo Starter Set


The Battle of Waterloo became a true landmark in military history, one that will never fade, and nothing on such a grand scale would be seen again.

This new starter set for Black Powder contains everything needed to start your campaign for victory at Waterloo!
Contents include:

  • Softback A5 version of the BP rulebook
  • Easy start guide
  • 12 Chasseurs à Cheval
  • 48 French infantry
  • 48 British infantry
  • 24 Hanoverian Infantry
  • 1x Metal Royal artillery cannon
  • 1x metal French foot commander
  • 1x metal British foot commander
  • Bases for all above models
  • Six d6
  • Card playsheet and casualty markers

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