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New: Boromite Rockfather and Borer Drones

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Organise your Boromite troops and increase your tactical options with the male clan chiefs – the Rock Fathers and the new Borer drone.

Boromite Rockfather


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Although you might wish to make use of the Arran Gestalin character from the Xilos campaign, to make sure the list has wider application we’ve constructed it with its own Rock Father command unit, such small bands being more typically led by renegades or recalcitrant male Boromites.


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Borer Drones

A borer drone is a ubiquitous mining tool used by Boromites to bore passages, prop up loose tunnels and take core samples from surrounding rock. It carries an assortment of powerful suspensor arrays with which it can move soil, rubble and other materials.

Within a game, as an added option to a squad, a Borer Drone provides a strength boost and can throw up temporary cover for a +2 Res!

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Two Thirds Deep

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