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    Senior Officers – If you could take them instead of a junior officer as opposed to in addition you’d see more of them… as it is they are surpless to requirements in most games
    AT Grenades – The ‘issue’ is the hitting of tanks… I’ve used them a fair bit… more against open topped vehicles though… so prehaps the lowering of points (down to 1 each)
    Light mortar – already discussed
    3 man teams – IF the options for upgrading the additional guys that are in stalingrad come across might more of them
    Air Observers –
    MMG /HMG teams – make them artillery for taking exceptionals + additional PINs & they should become more useful
    Medics – need to be better than a 6+….


    PIAT is unpopular though not a never. Maybe indirect fire optional extra (Versatile)? Later models supported it, and it was apparently a heavily used feature. Makes it more than just worse bazooka.


    That reminds me. I would also like to see restrictions for some weapons on firing from within buildings, bunkers, and basically an enclosed area. For example, there should be a penalty (or simply not allowed) when firing a bazooka, Leichtgeschütz 40, Panzerschreck, panzerfaust, and other such weapons from an enclosed space. Note however that the PIAT would be an exception, so that make it a bit more popular.

    Anyway, I would like to add this to my list:

    1) Vehicle MGs reduced in effectiveness – especially co-axial and hull mounted MGs on tanks and other enclosed vehicles.

    2) Forward observer units (Artillery and Air) are given the following restrictions: Not front-line combat units: Forward observer units can’t assault into close quarters. They will fight in close quarters if assaulted. In addition, they are ignored for the purposes of determining control of objectives.

    3) Spotters have the following restriction added: Spotters are ignored for the purposes of determining control of objectives.

    4) More smoke rules, but still keeping it simple. Rules for vehicle smoke projectors, smoke grenades, allow some other guns to be able to fire smoke, and not just “all howitzers and mortars” – oh, and not just indirect fire, but also add rules for direct fire. Basically include some common ways WW2 combat troops made smoke. Contrary to popular belief, combat forces had multiple ways to make smoke (even tanks like the Panzer IV and Sherman had smoke shells), and for one reason or another some countries used smoke a lot more often than most gamers realize.

    5) Change the rule for Firing Smoke (p.97) to a random direction and distance if the shell does not land on target. Maybe make the distance a D6+6 instead of 12”.

    6) Snipers being adjusted somehow so that they are tone down a little, or cost more points to get. Sometimes, snipers seem way too powerful in a game of Bolt Action.

    7) Would be nice to see the “Different Methods for Activating Units” and “Bolt Action Alliance Mission Pack” included, or at least added as optional choices for players to pick and choose. See below:

    8) restrictions to bazookas, Leichtgeschütz 40s, Panzerschrecks, panzerfausts, and other such weapons firing from an enclosed spaces. Not the PIAT though for obvious reasons.

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    1) yep, all vehicle mounted MGs need looking at… espically the quad maxim!
    2) not sure on this as they’re not really used that much any way…. are they?
    3) removes about the only reason to take an inexperiance one :p
    6)give models in a squad a 4+ bounce? (ie on a 4+ you get to ignore the exceptional and pick as normal) along with giving MMGs /HMGs /Mortars the same small arms exceptional protection as artillery should do the trick?
    7)alternative activations – either a free download off the resources site or an appendix
    ..extra missions – something that came up on FB… a GAMERS campagin book, for progressing units with XP etc.. be a good place to put alsorts of extra missions and generic scenarios
    8)issue is not so much the weapons but the perposly loose nature of building rules…. if I can fit a 12 man squad into a small shack why cant I fire a panzerfaust from it :p
    this I’d put in to expanding the building rules… ie giving rooms a occupancy number then say certain weapons need X capacity free… so a panzerfaust would be occupancy (1) saying it needs 1 space free to be able to fire… a panzershrek /bazooka could be occupancy (5) so if the building floor wasnt occupancy 7+ then althoug the team could go in there they couldnt fire (or take D3 hits per occupancy thats not free – so occupancy (5) fires with only 3 spaces available takes 2D3 hits :p


    Jim Ripley

    You could fire a Panerfaust , Shrek or Bazooka from inside a building but the back blast of pressure and extreme heat , would kill or badly injure anyone in the room behind you , besides probably setting the building on fire

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