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    Stuart Harrison

    @Mark G, I’m not a fan of major buffs to HE, especially when HE was already so good vs AP in first edition that they decided to up the HE values of the big AT guns to balance the points better. I’m doubly against it when those suggested buffs don’t come with a suggested cost increase.

    HE vs smoke mechanics – smoke has a persistent effect on the game after it lands, so it’s relevant where it misses. HE simply misses, you have failed your dice roll and it lands somewhere with no effect on the game. You don’t get a second bite of the cherry to damage an enemy, and Bolt Action mechanics for finding out a friendly unit was in your danger area (ie: multiple rocket launcher rules) is that you have wasted the shot. Someone on the gun line has yelled ‘STOP, STOP, STOP!’.

    Your suggestion with the experience levels and indirect fire may have some merit, but rather than starting the buffs at regular, which is already a buff over inexperienced by having access to a spotter in the first place, why not start it at veteran? That way your veterans are going from a 1 in 6 chance of a first round hit to a 1 in 3 chance, not a fifty/fifty. Improving the start point also has a flow on effect due to the subsequent hitting on a 2+ if you’ve already scored a hit, so you are more than tripling the likely impact of that veteran unit by starting at 4+.

    First point last (if you’ve read this far 😉 ) – if you’re really after ‘reality’, most of these indirect HE weapons are off-board in a game on this scale, particularly for the attacker.

    Mark G

    Fair comments. would like to see getting some benefit from a higher tier unit with a spotter. but agree with your other comments as would be a bit over powered.

    Robert a maxwell

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>For me what I would love to see in the new variant of fault action version 3.</p>
    I would love to see more flexibility in Army builder of HQ troops artillery tanks specialised and unique weapons. Would like to see a way I can take more of it as a organisation chart where there is some restrictions of 3 the rule of three, so not lock in to a pre-built scenario templates and even the reinforcement Platoon template is limiting. Be cool to see it get expanded on.

    Plus all the army factions you can use be really nice to see their books up to date and rewritten showing clear indication on what you can take how many points that costs add any upgrades.



    Well the way platoons are going to be constructed is changing (how we dont know yet)

    Plus all the V3 armies of… Books will be bringing in most units from the campaign books – some units will be left to specific campaigns only…h


    This was confirmed in the announcement articles 


    I’d dig bringing HE back to dice-roll number of hits, but with a maximum number of hits equal to the number of models in a unit (templates are more ambiguous, but dice-roll hits mean that HE is often better than AT at taking down an armored vehicle.)

Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)
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