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    I dont have access to every rule books, FAQ errata… At the moment but my thought is: what version are referring to?
    Just to be sure we all read the same version and point to the good one if needed.


    1- I read the same: you could shot a multi engine whatever its advantage level is. From both advanced rule book and 01-05-2019 FAQ
    Does the agile card cancel it? I tend to think that yes it negates this ability as I understand it as one of the “multi-engine penalties”.

    I have to admit that the agile card is confusing. Its wording making it like a deck card and is useful only when activated but the faq states that it is a positive trait (always on the table) which means it’s active even when the opponent’s activation.

    Another confusing part is: the card says “all” but the rule book specifies some specifically.

    2- dodging occurs after a successful shot then hits occur if not dodged.
    So your logic seems ok to me.
    Multiengine have less dice bit the agile trait cancel this point (advanced rule book).

    3- same confusion to me as for point 1

    I hope I’m not making more confusion here. I think you raised some really good points.


    Answers from Andy on the Facebook group:

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. No. The FAQ has some extras on Boom chits for multi-engine squadrons and other questions. To shorten the learning curve slightly; when attacking an Agile multi engine plane outmanoeuvre rather than shoot at it until its disadvantaged, tailing works well too.

    Willy Messerschmitt

    bumped, just to move it back onto the front page….

    I guess I don’t need to do that now as I’ve decided to add this question to the rules questions rather than create a new thread.

    About the card deck. It seems like you never run out of cards temporarily. Is that correct? I have this conception from other games.

    If you use a card you discard it and immediately draw another. Then if the card deck is empty you immediately reshuffle your discards and start the deck again. Am I reading that correctly?

    We played a couple of games last night 109s v Spitfires. The Spitfire deck had 6 tight turns, home advantage, and defensive tactics. It basically meant every Spitfire could make a tight turn every time they moved which didn’t seem right, but perhaps it is?


    You’re right about the way you draw and reshuffle the deck. You indeed never run out of cards.
    Don’t forget you only have one card per plane so a multi trait plane will have it split equally.

    I agree, the spitfire is pretty easy to play. But it doesn’t mean that it’s overpowered just that other planes may require more play to optimise and master.

    Steve Burt

    Home advantage is over-powered; I feel the game works better if you only get to use it once.


    I agree that some of the cards are just too powerful. When we play, you get to use your six traits once – and that’s it.


    Quick question, kinda hoping we are doing this wrong.

    My group and I have been playing BRS for about 3 weeks now. And up until 2 days ago we’ve been having a blast. Then by accident.. one of us seemingly figured a way to cheese the system a bit and make flying irrelevant.

    So what he did was.. just fly in a deep formation. In a small game, he did a 2 wide, 3 deep column. In a 1000pt game he flew as a clumped school of fish. He just put a high pilot skill dude up front. He flies that first high skill guy in, outmaneuvers a 3 or a 2 that’s reachable (especially if it’s high agility so it won’t just die) in the opposing force, and then the rest of his squad just ignores everything else and farms boom chits on that one plane, ignoring all others. (especially if they have tight turn or rapid roll to line up even more shots in a turn)

    We thought maybe this was a fluke so we’ve tried different deployments and different ways to work against it.. if both players do it, you pretty much get a draw (barring dice craziness).

    Help?? This was such a fun, chess match of a game. Now it’s just 1 or 2 turns of initial engagement and it’s all done. No need to outfly.. just pick a dude and farm it.


    Aircraft have a minimum move  so he’ll get one shot at it before  you past through..

    You can’t outmanoeuvre people in clouds so run a swarm of PS2 guys and hide in clouds until he splits up his formation or you’ve got on the tail of the end of his column ..tail and shoot down his a squadron of 5 you only need to shoot down 2 to break him


    other than that roll out bombers and or air strike!   Let’s see him do that agains 2 b17s!   Or whilst trying to blow up a bridge.  😛

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by Nat.

    We did consider bombers. Hiding in clouds is harder when he uses Clear Skies and uses Radar Support to pretty much start the game advantaged.

    We also thought about other scenarios. Maybe we just broke the dogfight one lol.


    @james – can you start a new thread for us to discuss this in so we don’t take this rules one of topic?

    Bill Seaman

    We just started playing BRS and had to struggle a bit with the shooting arcs, the facing arrow and “tailing”.  Here is our interpretation of the rules:

    Since a target has to be “in the forward 90 degree arc of the firing plane and at a lower advantage level” we use the peg of the target – not the base –  to determine if it is an eligible target.  If the bottom of the peg (where it intersects the movement base) is within the front 90 degrees of the firing plane – and in range –  it is an eligible target.  Note: we measure range from base to base, not from peg to peg, or from peg to base.

    Once target eligibility is determined we then look at the front arrow.  If the arrow is located in – or first cuts through – the target’s rear arc it is a tailing shot; if the side arc – a deflection shot, and if the front arc – a head-on shot.

    This eliminated the confusion because we were initially hung up on the facing of the arrow for a tailing shot; e.g.,  “How can it be a tailing shot if the arrow isn’t pointing directly at the target plane?”.  However, we noted the tailing condition states  the “rear ARC” of the enemy plane and not the “rear” of the enemy plane.  So, this interpretation satisfied both conditions on Page 15 of the Rules.

    This works for us.  Hope it helps.



    If you download the faq or read the updated rules in air strike you’ll find a dirgam that shows you -yes the front arrow must be in the rear arc to get tailing

    Bill Seaman

    I have a newbie BRS question about the action cards.   If  a Theatre “deployment” card is selected and played at the beginning of the game does that reduce the number of cards in the players Hand for the remainder of the game; e.g., from 3 to 2?


    Hi bill, no it doesn’t affect the hand size… it is just removed from the deck before the game starts so you start with one fewer card.

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