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    The supplied ratlines and sails stay on fine. The sails are thick paper. Gel superglue works well for sails and ratlines. I use thin wire for rigging rather than thread as I find it easier and it also strengthens the models a lot.

    Basing the ships helps a lot with protecting them, and also means you don’t touch the model when picking it up; it…[Read more]

  • Turned out to be academic. Out of 40 bombing dice rolled, only 3 6s came up, and not two at the same time.

    On the other hand, out of about 30 light flak, there were no 6s at all

  • Against a dispersed target, you need critical success to get hits.

    Normally a single success gets you an area hit, and a critical gets you a point and an area hit.

    So does a critical success against a point target get an area and a point hit?

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    How does this work if the ship leaves off the downwind edge of the board (probably the commonest case?). There isn’t an ‘upwind’ direction along that edge.