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    Two questions:

    1) High Cover: Can the high cover markes only move along the table edge they started at, or can the also move along the sidelines via the table’s corners?

    2) Do Dodge Tests count as Manoeuvre Tests, i.e. can I use Actions Cards on Dodge Tests that have “Manoeuvre Test” in their wording?

    Bill Seaman

    I have another newbie question regarding the “Defensive Tactics” card.  Example:  If a “neutral“ target plane is tailed (putting it into a disadvantaged status) plays the Defensive Tactics card, is it still considered disadvantaged if the 45 or 90 degree turn changes the aspect from tailing to a deflection shot?   There’s a couple of different opinions about this in our group and I couldn’t find anything “official” about  it in the Forums, etc.

    Thanks to all who helped us with some previous questions.   Much appreciated.


    Hi Bill,

    As the tailed plan is made disadvantaged (and not just counted as being disadvantaged) at the end of the attackers movement step, they then get to make their ‘defensive tactics’ move.  When the next step of the activation comes round (the pilot action) the defender is still  disadvantaged….the benifet of the card its to make the shot a defelection making the dodge easier.

    Andy Chambers

    Just so you know; I’m seeing these questions but so far Nat has beaten me to the punch with a correct answer each time.

    Bill Seaman

    Nat / Andy,

    Thanks again  for answering (or intending to answer) our questions!  We just started playing BRS so your help is much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Bill S…


    Tailing rule confusion has been addressed in the FAQ.
    You could find it on the official BRS site but as it may not be updated, the dedicated topic will bring the latest version.

Viewing 6 posts - 181 through 186 (of 186 total)
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