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    As the title asks, does anyone know if the figures in the British Commonwealth Infantry box set (402011017) suitable for use in the Pacific?

    If done as Australian and New New Zealand of course….




    Stuart Harrison

    End of ’41 and ’42 (ie: fall of Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong etc, early Kokoda battles), certainly – KD uniforms were pretty much all they had and the equipment was the same.  From about ’43 it had mostly been replaced with long Jungle Greens more suited to fighting in the jungles.

    Master Chief

    On the box cover it says “WW2 Infantry in desert gear“, so I guess some “work” on your part will be needed.

    Greg S

    I use Perry Miniatures for my 14th Army.  They are wearing BD trousers and shirtsleeves.  They are slimmer than warlord figures, being more realistically scaled, but you don’t notice that on the tabletop.


    I couldn’t see why not. Unless you are into 100% perfect accuracy, then they should work just fine for gaming purposes.

    Like Greg S, I also use the Perry Miniatures (plastic) for some of the British in the Pacific because I’m a bigger fan of the more atomically correct Perry plastics than the much more overly heroic sized newer Warlord Games plastics. For gaming, they all work since height-wise they are about the same.

    invisible officer

    “Pacific” is too broad to anwer yes or no. It depends on the exact area. The later war  Shorts Jungle  green are worn in regions without much Malaria only. So rarely seen in jungle.

    KD was similar used.  (And no shorts in many Italian regions, so 8th army had to change to full length trousers fast)



    In 42 some units in Burma fought in KD with shorts. Gloucestershire rgt for example. Most with tropical pith helmet. Among them Malaria was common.


    KD shorts are worn in many Indian regions and in 43 a special tropical version of KD was made.

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