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    Hi my name ist Rene.
    I’ve played tapletops since a long time ago. Nowadays i’m playing mostly Bolt Action with my eldest daughter .
    And i am from Austria, living near vienna.



    Hi, I’m Dan from Wiltshire. After playing a demo game at a gaming store while on holiday in Lowestoft, I am getting into Warlords of Erewhon to make use of my old Warhammer models that have been in storage for twenty years.



    hi martin here,
    just recently started playing bolt action.
    a gamer of old always wanted to play small action WW2 but never found anything that suited till my brother introduced me to Bolt Action!!!
    the gamer in me lives again!!

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    Edward Sexby

    Hello, All,

    Edward Sexby here. I live in the fair city of Norwich, and I’ve just got the Cruel Seas starter set, and am leafing through the rulebook at the moment.

    I’m a board (War) gamer, and I also make plastic and resin kits of aircraft and A.F.V.s. This is my first real foray into figure wargaming. The subject of Cruel Seas really grabbed me, and stoked my imagination. I’m also thinking about getting into one of the 28mm games, although I’m pretty much new to figure painting and modeling with metal.

    Anyway, that’s me. I’ve got some boat-building to be getting on with…


    Mike B

    Hi, I’m Mike. I’m from “Joisey”… YOU from “Joisey”?

    But seriously, I started gaming back in the ’60s. A friend of mine introduced me to “Cruel Seas” this past March. We played the first two Scenarios in one afternoon…TWICE!…switching sides. I loved its pace but found a few issues I felt needed modifying with some simple house rules. I immediately whipped them up. I’ve since bought the starter set, as well as a few extra ships, and have hosted a couple games (using said rules) which have brought even MORE friends into the “CS” fold.

    I’d like to share my modifications with you but how do I do so?

Viewing 5 posts - 181 through 185 (of 185 total)

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