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    Peter W

    I’m Peter, a game shop owner in Bellingham WA, USA. I have just recently brought Black Seas to my shelves, and finished up painting and rigging the M&C set.

    I’m not surprised it is selling out everywhere, as it fills a market niche long abandoned by mainstream manufacturers, for the most part.


    Hi, I’ve lost the link to the special figures available to warlord members. Does anyone have that link handy ?? TY in advance!!!


    Hello everyone, I’m Caratacus and have just started learning how to play SPQR.

    For a long time I’ve been a player of Warhammer Fantasy, 40K (5th and 6th Editions) and the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, but am now taking my first steps into Warlord’s historical games having recently discovered a couple of model shops not too far from where I live (near Southampton) that stock Hail Caesar and SPQR minis.

    I’m a big fan of ancient history (especially the Roman Invasions of Britain, hence my profile name) and am so pleased to have finally got my hands on some of Warlord’s great quality and affordable plastics. Will be building up Ancient British and Imperial Roman warbands for SPQR to begin with, as that requires far fewer models to start with, and will probably expand into Hail Caesar in the future!

    I look forward to delving into the archives of wisdom this forum has amassed!

    Mister Thryllseekyr

    G’day, I’m from & currently reside in South East Queensland, Australia. In a small town called Ipswich. (Near Brisbane.) My only introduction to miniatures was games of Blood Bowl and Space Hulk with my friends along time ago. Apart from painting up the odd miniature for games of Dungeons & Dragons. I haven’t had much to do with them. Aside from playing Total War Warhammer One & Two. What I am really into is collecting 2000AD magazine. So, some time down the track. I may get the Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd Warlords game when I can spare the money. However for now, I have brought the Helter Skelter board game. Featuring both Johnny Aplha’s, Judge Dredd’s crew as well as Slaine, & Nicholai Dante. This game has miniatures as well.

    Hoping for more 2000AD related stuff from Warlords in the near future.


    Hello pals, I’m Rene Lara from Venezuela, I run a website about wargames, board games and related hobbies called, I’m starting to play some Warlord Games,


    Hey all! Matt here, new to Bolt Action but I have also played some Blood Red Skies. I am mad keen on military history/history in general (have a history degree to boot) and am wrestling with the urge to go out and buy an army for every Warlord Games system…maybe one day though! Looking forward to joining in on the forum.



    Tim Young

    I am Tim Young. I live in Tennessee and have played Black powder since almost the first day it was released. I also play Bolt Action leading my Romanians to glorious disasters. I game manly Napoleonics with a large French Army and the Saxons for 1813.


    My name is Marcus, live in Mjölby, Sweden. I’m considering buying something from Warlordgames but I’m entirely new to this. Historically I’m interested in WWI, WWII, and the American civil war, have read a lot of books on the subject and have quite of the related GMT games. Now I look into combining my interest with miniature painting. Normally if I start something, I want to do it for real, but I must be honest and say that well then it will cost me I’m afraid. Would appreciate if someone could give me advice on what WG genre to look into, what to start with, things I need and other recommendations.
    Thanks on beforehand,

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    James Simons

    Hello all. My name is Jim. I play out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I play Bolt Action and have been building up forces for some fun BRS games in Burma. I am basically willing to play just about any historical wargame.



    Hi! My name is Sam Wilson. I live in New Jersey. I play BA and K47. And my prime interest is WWII in Burma, too. My father was a Merrill’s Marauder, a 1LT at the time. He led an intelligence and reconnaissance platoon for the 1st Battalion all the way to Myitkyina before he was evacuated, being medically tagged “AOE”. . . accumulation of everything! To help me with my campaigning, I painted up Nisei as Chinese Nationalists. And I also use some Chindits and Gurkhas. I also had some Brits painted up as Indian army squads. So far I have hosted BA battles to represent actions in the first two campaigns: Shaduzup and Wallabum. I am pending doing the Myitkyina camapaign. All of these, as you probably know took place between February and early June of 1944.

    I belong to a group . . . South Jersey Gamers Association (SJGA) we have an online forum: Check us out!

    Let me know how you approach gaming in Burma. I would be interested in knowing.

    Meanwhile, good gaming!



    Hiya All,

    Just saying hello and thanks for the forum invite.

    Currently living in rural Ireland who has recently discovered Bolt Action but still waiting to get my first introduction game! Just finishing up painting my Blitzkrieg set and then I’m good to go.

    Interests include role playing games, board games, 3d printing, computer gaming and WW2 History. Excited to get into this new hobby!!


    Hello fellows

    I’m Achille, 36 years old guy from Italy

    In these hard days I’m thinking to start Bolt Action with Soviet Union Stalingrad starter set

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