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    Hello. I am Sam Wilson, Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. I am new to Erehwon, having played only one game, but it is the featured game for our club’s next meeting. I appreciate Rick’s effort to develop a game system based on Antares rules. I also appreciate the flexibility to use existing figures, rather than have to buy all new. Erehwon, for me, subtly blends opportunities for gaming historical, SCI-FI, and mythological/fantasy themes all in one warband. Thus, I have started up with an Olympian Warband built around a core 25mm metal Spartan Hoplite army with hoplites hoisting 100mm spears, peltasts (featuring bows, javelins, and swords), and the more armored ekdromoi with swords, to which one adds mythological Amazons (cavalry, archers, and warriors), Harpies (x5), and Centaurs (x5). I am topping things off with a small inventory of monsters to choose from: Hydra; Griffen; Chimera; Medusa; and Cyclops. My lord character is Hector; and, surprise, my hero is Achilles, both in chariots. Alternate lord figure (on foot) is Leonidas; alternate hero (on foot) is Hercules. I am in the market for a figure to represent Ares, the God of War, as the favoring divinity. As you can tell I am boyishly keen on my Olympians. However, I am eyeing my rather large collection of Test of Honor figures to come up with a Samurai Warband; and I would like build a Barbarian Warband around my Dark Age Saxons and Romano Britains, knowing it would fall short of the expected ferocity in mien and manner; so, I am looking for a Mammoth, to round this warband out. I ramble, but I simply wanted to throw my progress and aspirations out there as I get more involved with Warlords of Erehwon. I am open to thoughts and ideas. Cheers!



    Hi all, just wanted to say hello. I’ve been mainly working on my mapolonics over the last few years but have just taken my first steps into a Wars of the Roses oroject. Will be posting updates on the project here as well as a few videos of the project as it progresses. Look forward to seeing what others are working in as well.


    Hi, Sam Wilson here. K47 is one of my favorite rule systems. I like it because it merges history with Sci Fi, and a little fantasy, to boot. To me, K47, as a derivative of BGA, parallels the lastest derivative game development, WoE–from BtGoA. This way of game evolution certainly makes learning rules, capabilities, and thereby tactical play easier and fun. It’s also lighter on the pocket book I thank WLG for moving in this direction. My interest in K47 centers on the Japanese role in WWII. My interest comes honestly; my father served in Burma as a young officer with Merrill’s Marauders. So, I built my Japanese K47 force around my earlier accumulated BA figures; ditto, for the Americans, using my Merrill’s Marauders figures as the core element. It did not take long for my to expand into German K47: a fellow club member sold me his K47 collection lock, stock, and barrel at a very acceptable price. So, I have a third army, now. I am augmenting the latter with some specialty figures and vehicles from time- to-time when I can find a good price.

    Not long ago, I designed a scenario that pitted the Axis (Germans and Japanese) against British and American Allies centered in Northeastern India (the Axis were attempting a strategic link up). Standing back-to-back, literally, the allies were endeavoring to deny this objective. It was an exciting contest, back-and-forth, decided in the end with the narrowest of Axis victories: by ONE POINT! This club game episode is documented in there AAR section of our on line South Jersey Gamers Association forum– Check it out.

    Looking forward to sharing insights, tactics, and good ideas in this K47 forum.



    Hi all,

    Greetings from Germany.

    First: Be aware that my English was the 3rd language I learned so I am sure that there will by involuntary funny syntax errors from my side 🙂

    I just started recently with Blood Red Skies and as an old tabletop-fanatic I am quite impressed by the quality of the Blood-Red-Skies-products.

    In my past I built 15mm-historical Tabletop Armies, also played FASA-tabletop-systems like Star Trek, Renegade Legion and for a very long time BattleTech.

    Best regards




    Hi everyone,

    My name is Hami, I live in Scotland and only recently started Wargaming again (my Dad got me hooked after 15years plus away from it).

    I mainly play Bolt Action games and fight over Normandy, after beach landings. I am an amateur 3D Designer and printer.


    Kris Dray

    Hello from the northern Rockies!

    I started playing Warhammer fantasy and 40K more than a decade ago with my son and my friends. Easing into retirement and back into wargaming I have discovered…some 70 miles away (close in our country)…that my FLAGS (that’s L ocal A lmost) is starting a WoE league. I was happy to buy the book and have put together some warbands from Warriors of Chaos and taught WoE to 5 of my grandsons 10 to 14 years old. It was a huge success. Looking forward to playing more games, maybe a few casual tournaments.



    Hey all Brutus74 all the way from isolated Western Australia, will be running Romans for a while (as i have a force already for OGaM, and BrokenL) but im hoping we see some Egyptian love then im all in for Pharaohic Chariots



    I am Gordon and I have been a Wargamer for more years than I can remember. I game a wide variety of periods and scales, mostly solo. I regularly use Hail Caesar, Black Powder and Bolt Action and, hopefully, SPQR. I am a member of The Society of Ancients and contribute to Slingshot and, occasionally, other magazines.
    I also support Glossop North End…

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    Hi I’m John,

    I’ve played a few too many wargames and my house is slowly filling with – mostly grey 🙁 – plastic.

    Trying to drum up some interest in SPQR as it looks like a fun little skirmish rumble and I need an excuse to get my Dacians out of the cupboard.



    Hi. I’m Stephen from Dorset

    I’ve had an on/off relationship with wargaming for 30+ years starting with Airfix 1/72 figures as a teenager. I have a fair collection of GW figures and after many years of re-enactment have moved on to collecting 18th century jacobites(1715 and 1745) and FIW figures. Naturally this fits in with BP, which I now have a copy of (v1)

    I do also have a little habit of backing kickstarters for eclectic figures I may or may not ever use (or paint).



    Hi Guys I’m BingSanchez. I’m from Canada. My main interest is playing Black Powder Napoleonics.Happy to be here!



    Hi All,

    I am Ben and I live in Manassas, Virginia (USA). My main interest in Bolt Action, and I mainly play as Germany. If you are ever in the DC, Maryland or Virginia area or if you live in the area and are looking to get a game in let me know. Always looking for an opportunity to get a game in.


    John Weir

    I’m John from Cumbria, UK. I’ve had various Warlord rules for a few years but not had much luck with getting games as I’m a slow painter. SPQR is about the right size for me to knock out a few warbands with the Ancient/Classical bits I have. It may also mean that I get a couple of armies completed for Hail Caesar.


    Seb Brady

    Hey everyone,
    My name is Seb from Cheshire UK.
    My only foray into Warlord is Bolt action, and I play Armies of Germany. Mainly an army based around the Kursk offensive which is a period of time I am extremely interested in.
    Me and my friends usually play tank war!


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