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    Alan Tibbetts

    Rumors abound about a 3rd edition, but nothing here on the Bolt Action Forum.

    Can we rule this in or out as a valid subject of discussion?

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    John N. Holly

    Have there been any major or numerous amendments to Bolt Action 2nd edition? If so, then a 3rd edition would be more likely. If not, then it may just be a reprinting of 2nd edition.

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    Alan Tibbetts

    There has been a fair amount of errata, but what I’m hearing is Warlord has asked for input on rules changes for a 3rd edition.

    The biggest rumor is a possible move from d6 to d10.


    The 2nd edition hasn’t been around for very long. I think moving to a third edition in the near future would annoy numerous gamers without necessarily expanding the game’s player base.

    Stuart Harrison

    Inclined to agree with Bungo – many of the Games Workshop refugees left because of the constant churn of editions, needing to replace a shelf full of supplements every few years.

    First edition generated 9 pages of errata and 13 pages of FAQ. Second is at 6 pages of errata (5 of those are errata for the armies of series, not the MRB) and 9 of FAQ.

    Many of those MRB errata are corrected proof reading errors from the first print run, incorporated into the second and subsequent print runs.


    Please,please don’t go the 40k route and just print rule books to make money. If there has to be a rules update make it a free pdf download.

    John N. Holly

    Well, while I agree with the sentiment, Warlord is in business to make a profit. If selling updated rule books, supplements, etc. helps them achieve that goal, then I’m sure they will follow that path.

    Troy Hill

    I agree with Topher of the Juggernauts (as heard on the War Room with Paul)… BA needs at most a clean up of the main rule book. There are some sections that get confusing. Some that have been FAQ’d, and a few rules that do need tweaks (multi-launchers, Tiger Fear).

    Running a version 2.5 would be a smart move. And for Pete’s sake, get it out early for playtester proofing. Most of the problems (beyond typos) in the V2 book are because section F doesn’t mesh with the same rules stated differently in section Q (can a vehicle both advance and reverse in the same turn?) Let the players find those errors.

    We’re gamers. 90+% of us have to have the “NEW SHINY” and will purchase the rules even if they’re released in PDF without photos for proofreading. Those that won’t purchase, will probably use a pirated version anyway.


    Yeah, that Osprey site has been floating around.

    I’m hoping 3rd ed is just 2nd ed with incorporated errata and small tweaks.

    Bolt Action is a good rule set …no need to overhaul it


    supposedly a WL anoucement should happen on Wednesday – as they werent expecting the Osprey link to be put up this early…. so a few questions were asked at salute and got given the answer of wednesday… so fingres crossed.

    my guess is that it was going to be June that it was announced, which would work for their (both WL and Ospreys) normal 3 month pre-order window.


    So it seems it is finally happening… September.


    I hope they take this opportunity to finally make squad LMG’s and MMG’s worth choosing in an army selection. At the moment they are poor points value and don’t reflect their importance on the battlefield.

    Robert Scholtz

    I hope they finally fix the Firing Smoke rules.

    The opposing player should not be able to determine the landing point of a smoke round that does not land on target.  The landing point should be randomly determined using the “Miscalculation” effect in the Smoke Barrage Chart.

    I’ve been playing Bolt Action since before the version 2 rules came out and I do not remember seeing anyone use the Firing Smoke rules.  The current rule gives the defender too great of a chance (83.33%) to control where a smoke round lands.  If it’s not fixed, it should be removed from the game, or the missed shot should be ignored like normal indirect fire is ignored when it does not land on target.

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