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Battle For Xilos Campaign: Episode 5, The Slave Pits

Come and join us for Episode Five of the Battle For Xilos Campaign where the forces of Warlord Games’ Beyond The Gates Of Antares clash in this epic struggle. The Slave Pits are open… View Episode Five “Fartok is pursuing his arch-enemy Karg and has tracked him down to the unexplored world of Xilos. Fartok’s Outcast…

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Showcase: ‘Hangman’s Creek’ from the Border Reivers

The Warlord staff have been dusting-off our ACW collections in preparation for the release of Glory Hallelujah – the warehouse team can be seen running drills, and the studio staff are rumoured to have barricaded themselves in, taking turns on watch – scalpels re-purposed as makeshift bayonets, paint brushes turned into improvised torches…. keeping a sharp eye out for enemy…

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Terminator : The Skynet Files Issue 1

We see many different Battle Reports here at Warlord Games – whether they’re posted on the Warlord Forums, or perhaps in one of the many Warlord-related Facebook Groups, or on independent blogs – however, we were particularly impressed with Gareth White’s recent first issue of ‘The Skynet Files’ – a creative and particularly striking account!…