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Charlie and Bernard continue their battles… This next engagement sees the Algoryn act upon the information gained from the rescue of a data package on-board a crashed skimmer during the previous battle, taking the fight to the Isorians!

Algo Iso

The Scenario

After last weeks battle we both decided that it would be a great idea to play our next game in a kind of narrative way. As we’re both starting out and getting to grips with the rules, we went for Scenario 5: Return To Base Camp on page 145, as this kind of fits in to a small story arc and we can learn new things as we go.

Scenario 5

This scenario can be a challenge as not only do the Algoryn have to take the objective (and quickly, before the Isorians receive reinforcements), they then have to hold on to it defensively once they have it!

Charlie – Algoryn

The recovered data from the crashed skimmer showed a plan of the Isorian forces including their supply depots and weak spots. It also showed a hidden forward base far too close to the Algoryn claimed territory. It has been decided that Force Leader Choult would attack and destroy the Isorian forward base. This would allow the build up of the Algoryn armed forces for the upcoming assault in secret.

Bernard – Isorians

The drones had been picking up energy readings from around the edge of the base. What was out there? Commander Swelia was still out on patrol with several squads. The energy readings got closer, they were finally able to analyse them, Algoryn were closing in. With a quick call Leader Isiia prepared his force and sent out a warning to the patrols. Lets hope they would return in time. As the sun rose, the Algoryn skimmers opened up and Isiia’s squad returned fire.

On to Battle

The Algoryn assault began early morning. The Isorians had a force out on patrol and their forward base was lightly defended. The plan was to wipe out the enemy at the base before the patrols returned and then ambush them. Force Leader Choult ordered his troops forward, his fast skimmers would be the first sent in. As they moved forward an energy pulse was felt from the Isorian base and a fire fight between the Isorians and attacking skimmers broke out. It could only mean a warning had been sent. The base had to fall now!!!

The opening positions – Charlie amasses his Algoryn to either flank, moving the infiltrators up to cover the advance (keeping in mind the threat of Isorian reinforcements that could arrive anywhere!)


Charlie works both flanks with the infiltrators and fast skimmers hoping to split the Isorian fire whilst the bulkier AI squads advance behind. What little fire hits is easily deflected.


Sweeping in from the flank the Interceptors go for a hit and run, aiming to weaken the defence before the Assault unit charges in. The Skimmers have the Fast rule (page 41) allowing them to Break off if any remain after the combat!

Break Off

When a fast unit breaks off in this way it is allowed to move through the opposing enemy unit as if it were not there. It can move through the opposing unit’s formation or over enemy models, so long as it ends its move >1” from other units in the usual way. This enables fast mounted units, such as Algoryn Interceptor Skimmers, to smash through an enemy unit by making an assault and moving past its position. A breakthrough move of this kind can be a very effective tactic for fast moving mounted units and is very difficult to counter.


After the results are determined the Skimmers punch through to the far side ready to sweep back for another run.

With the skimmers out of the way the Assault unit hits hard to finish off the Isorian Senatex squad but leave themselves exposed to the firepower of the Nhamak drone immediately to their front! Bernard took his revenge and as the Assault group gets wiped out it’s left to the AI squad to mop up and take the hill.

Meanwhile the Isorians start bringing in reinforcements according to the scenario rules, immediately threatening the Algoryn command structure.
Anticipating the threat from the flank, the Algoryn Infiltrators start laying Mines.


All grenades can be set as mines. The unit setting mines must make a fire action but does not otherwise shoot; instead the fire action is taken up with placing charges.
Place a marker within 1” of the unit’s formation. The player who set the mines can detonate them at any time if an enemy unit makes any action or reaction within 5” of the marker. This includes units moving to within 5” at any point during their move so long as the move is made as an action or reaction.


Unwilling to advance into the minefield, the Isorians move up and open fire with a devastating barrage of plasma!


The bitterest of fights continues back at the Algoryn starting point where Bernard presses home an attack with his second Senatex squad. After the round of combat finishes only the command survive! In the second round it is left to Charlie’s overall commander to assault in a truly Algoryn fashion and finish the fight.


Bernard’s command had a long way to come to reach any Algoryn but caught the right flank Infiltrators and made short work of them. Having forced them Down with sheer firepower the result of the assault was inevitable!

Hand-to-hand fighting is normally resolved simultaneously, so both sides get to fight with all the models engaged and casualties are only removed once both have done so.
If one side is down then it always fights after its opponents have struck their blows and casualties have been removed. This means that down units will take casualties before they can fight back, reducing the number of combatants – potentially to none!
There is no forced re-roll of hits against down units in hand-to-hand fighting. The enemy is upon you and skulking in a hole is not going to save you now!

The final round sees Bernard and Charlie in a scrap for the objective. The Isorian Command had moved into the position having annihilated the Infiltrators guarding the flank. The last  AI squad valiantly advanced into the teeth of Isorian firepower to fight it out to the end. Ultimately though, with the AI squad retreating and the Isorian command dead from a combination of weapons fire and assault, it is a draw for the scenario victory conditions.


The battle had been a blood bath. Most of the Algoryn had fallen. Force Leader Choult was rescued by his retreating support teams. Almost left for dead amongst his command squad from the furious hand-to-hand battle that had ensued with one of the returning Isorian patrol squads. Overall the Isorians had been outnumbered throughout the battle but their tenacity had meant the base swapped hands several times and now lay in ruins. Neither side would be able to use it any more. The final Isorian squad could be seen escorting something well camouflaged away to the north.
Commander Swelia had fallen after retaking the base, senior leader Isiia had fallen in the first assault. The base had been almost destroyed. Leader Kesla watched the Algoryn support squads recover their commander and fall back. The final order from high command was confusing – “destroy communications and pull back, mission successful.”

It was far easier to obey orders than try and decipher what was going on – High Commander Berwis clearly knew something they didn’t…

Planning Future Games

Once you’ve played a couple of games you’ll probably find a little story such as ours developing. This is where you can easily lead into a narrative campaign. Ours may lead into a future trap set by the Isorians for the Algoryn (2 or 3 games time, with future battles leading to the set trap). We might also play a smaller point game, 500 or 750 points with the result providing an effect on the next main battle, before moving onto some multi player games. After that, as all out conflict opens up, who knows where the story will conclude?

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