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Showcase: ‘Hangman’s Creek’ from the Border Reivers

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The Warlord staff have been dusting-off our ACW collections in preparation for the release of Glory Hallelujah – the warehouse team can be seen running drills, and the studio staff are rumoured to have barricaded themselves in, taking turns on watch – scalpels re-purposed as makeshift bayonets, paint brushes turned into improvised torches…. keeping a sharp eye out for enemy movement…

We thought we’d raid the archives for some ACW eye candy to whet your appetite – and stumbled across Chris and the good folks from the Border Reivers Wargames Club who – last year – ran an all-day Black Powder game using the ‘Hangman’s Creek’ scenario to play out an ACW scuffle… and luckily enough, they took some cracking photos as the game progressed..

Their forces comprised of miniatures from a range of companies, giving a huge variety – the keen-eyed among you will spot the likes of Hinchliffe and MiniFig units amongst the massed ranks of Perry, Redoubt, Old-Glory, Dixon and Foundry.

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (11)

Above – The 14′ x 6′ table – the scene of carnage to come…

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (9)

Above – The Union Cavalry captain points out the target as the bugler sounds the charge!

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (12)

Above – the Union troops stand steadfast and prepare to receive the Confederate charge

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (8)

Above – Confederate rifles disappear behind a great cloud of smoke as the front rank fire

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (7)

Above – There are few sights which capture the imagination more so than that of a fully painted battle line…

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (2)

Above – Having charged across the fields of No Man’s Land, the Confederate cavalry prepare to engage their Union counterparts

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (6)

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (3)

Border Reivers Hangmans Creek (1)

If you need yet more illustrational inspiration – there are many more photos of the game here.

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