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Ever since the first concept sketches and sculpts were previewed way-back-when, the Isorians have caused a tremendous hubub amongst the wargaming community…

They finally saw their initial releases a few weeks ago, and the models have made their way into itching hands of eager gamers across the globe. We’re starting to see the first few community armies taking shape – all of which have seemingly adopted quite drastically different colour schemes… much to the glee of the game’s creator, Rick Priestley, and his minions here at Warlord HQ.

Bill Tegeler

Bill Tegeler Isorians


Matt Houghton

Matt Houghton Isorians (1)

Matt Houghton Isorians (3)


Helge Hel

Helge Hel Isorians (1)

Helge Isorians2 (2)

Helge Hel Isorians (2)

Helge Isorians2 (1)

Be sure to post photos of your own models over in the Facebook Group and/or over in the Warlord forums for the chance to have them featured in a future article in the Warlord Newsletter!

If you’re new to Beyond the Gates of Antares, there’s never been a better time to investigate Rick Priestley’s new sci-fi game – with the Quick Start Rules now available to download for ABSOLUTELY FREE in a number of languages…

…and if the Isorians particularly took your fancy, then take a look at the links below to see what’s on offer – and don’t forget, there’s plenty more to come!


Isorian Range


Isorian Skirmish Force


Located in one convenient place you’ll find the Skirmish force provides everything you need to start your Antares Isorian army:

The Skirmish Force contains;

– 1 x Senatex Command Squad
– 2 x Senatex Phase Squads
– 1 x Senatex Support Team with X-Launcher
– 1 x Nhamak SC Light Support Drone armed with Plasma Light Support

Isorian Skirmish Force in Store