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New: German Ostfront Command released

Throughout March, we’re giving away a free German miniature with every customer order over £50.00/$80.00 – however – upon announcing this, once again (just like last month with the Soviets) we have been overwhelmed by a deluge of customers calling us, sending emails and messages to ask whether the exclusive models were available to purchase…

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Rules: Vasily Zaitzev – Legendary Sniper

12 Days of Christmas – Day 6 Today’s surprise is an extract from the forthcoming Bolt Action Theatre Book – Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin.   ‘For us there was no land beyond the Volga.’ Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Zaitzev first distinguished himself during the battle of Stalingrad as a superb sniper. He killed 225…

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New: Livestock! Nguni Cattle! Flock of Sheep!

Warlord Games produce some of the finest wargames miniatures in the world – with vast ranges of meticulously recreated uniforms stretching across the battlefields of time. Our models can be used to represent the vast regimented ranks of the Legions of Rome, the Black Powder smoke-choked battlefields of the Napoleonic era, hordes upon hordes of…

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