Warlord Games produce some of the finest wargames miniatures in the world – with vast ranges of meticulously recreated uniforms stretching across the battlefields of time. Our models can be used to represent the vast regimented ranks of the Legions of Rome, the Black Powder smoke-choked battlefields of the Napoleonic era, hordes upon hordes of Zulu warriors (thousands of ’em!) charging head-long on-mass into the plucky Brits in Zululand and beyond, and, of course, the many theatres of World War Two – from massed armour clashes through to tactical platoon-level warfare…

However – in the list of ‘Best Selling’ products from the Warlord Games webstore, one product has valiantly stood firm against all logic and sense… the humble Sheep.


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Yes, this formidable colossus of the battlefield – this fleece-toting menace. This grizzled veteran, a central character in countless, timeless war films…

In the history of Warlord Games, we’ve sold an inexplicable quantity of sheep and such a level of demand cannot simply be ignored – so, after much debate, and many cups of tea, and a slew of meetings among the high-ranking Warlord officials (with Powerpoint presentations, Pie Charts, and all sorts!) we present our new, ground-breaking, industry-smashing…

…Flock of Sheep!


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So – for those of you for whom our beloved individual Sheep (who is quickly earning the nickname ‘Hot Cake’) was not quite enough of a draw, the brand new ‘Flock of Sheep’ – with innovative new dynamic action poses – is the ultimate addition to any force – no matter what era (during the writing of this article, we’ve been feverishly scribbling rules for a ferocious time-travelling airborne sheep force, with all-new deployment rules…).

Yes, the author of this piece has spent too much time around fumes of the spray booth…

Nguni Cattle

Also released this week are the Nguni Cattle – a pack of 4 native South African livestock. Previously only available as part of our ‘Horns of the Buffalo’ set, these cows are ideal battlefield accessories for Zulu Wars, and could potentially be used across the majority of our game systems…


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No matter what era over which you’re waging war, and for the most part – and (practically) no matter whereabouts in the world you’re doing battle – livestock is a simple, characterful addition to the battlefield – and make for a fantastic battlefield objective!

So – head over to the webstore, and get your rustling-gloves on! – and while you’re there, why not pamper them even further with an Enclosure?


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