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Gallery: Germans with Infra-red Assault Rifles and Borgward Wanze

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Our expert studio painting team have been busy painting Germans and we knew you’d want to see the fruits of their labours.

First up are these Heer grenadiers toting STG44 assault rifles with infra-red sights – very high tech for their year! These are the perfect troops for night fighting and you can find rules for waging war in the dark in the Battleground Europe Theatre Book.

WGB-LHR-19-Heer-IR-assault-rifles-a WGB-LHR-19-Heer-IR-assault-rifles-b

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Next is the Borgward Wanze – the makeshift tank-hunting vehicle capable of traversing the rubble-strewn streets of war-torn Berlin. Armed with multiple rocket tubes they were converted from the Borgward demolition vehicle to take on the mighty IS-2 and T34/85 of the invading Red Army.


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