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Introducing: Steve Saleh – Miniatures Sculptor

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Joining the serried ranks of the Warlord design studio is a name many of you will be familiar with – Steve Saleh.


Steve has a wealth of experience in the wargames industry and has honed his skills at Games Workshop, amongst other fine establishments. An avid military history buff, Steve is something of an authority on Ancients and it’ll be no surprise that’s where we’ve started him off – filling some of the gaps in our Macedonian, Greek and Germanic ranges. He’s also done great work on the early war French in Bolt Action, with more to come! You’ll see the fruits of Steve’s labours in the next few weeks but for now we wanted to show off a couple of the special models he’s sculpted for us to promote two of the forthcoming books.


Given away free with a purchase of the Bolt Action Theatre Book, Ostfront, this depicts a German NCO letting rip with his captured Ppsh submachine gun. Clad in his camouflaged parka he could easily be used as a certain Sergeant Steiner from the classic film, Cross of Iron. Details of how to get your hands on the Ostfront book will be in a future newsletter.


Based firmly on one of history’s great characters – Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby – Steve has perfectly portrayed this Victorian hero.  For those who don’t know much about this British officer try an internet search – he almost beggars belief! This superbly sculpted miniatures will be free with our future book on the Mahdist Revolt in the Sudan for Black Powder, Blood on the Nile.

As this is being typed Steve is beavering away at miniatures for our Beyond the Gates of Antares game – Mhagris Mercenaries for the Freeborn faction – and they’re looking great!

So, welcome to Warlord, Steve – we’re looking forwards to many more great sculpts to come…