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New: Fiat-Ansaldo CV33 & Lanciaflamme tankettes

In addition to our new 100/17 medium howitzer, the Italian Army receives more support with these easily recognisable CV33 tankettes – the most numerous Italian armoured fighting vehicle to see action during World War II. Also known as the Carro Veloce CV33 or L3/33, the Fiat-Ansaldo CV33 this Italian tankette that saw combat during World War II in addition to the inter-war period. Although designated…

Bolt Action, Bolt Action - Italian, Latest Products

New: Italian Semovente 75/18

The Semovente 75/18 self-propelled gun brings some much needed armoured reinforcements to Italian forces. The Semovente was an Italian self-propelled gun, built by mounting the 75mm Obice da 75/18 modello 34 mountain gun on the chassis of a M13/40 or M14/41 tank. It had riveted steel plates, which were thicker but also less sloped than in the original tank. Frontal armour was almost vertical, but it consisted of two plates rather…