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New: Australian short 25-pdr (Pacific) + PIAT and anti-tank rifle teams (Pacific)

Providing support to the Australian ground troops is the new short 25-pdr and the PIAT and anti-tank rifle teams. Short 25-pdr (Pacific) View in Store The ubiquitous 25-pdr was the standard artillery piece of the Australian Army in the Pacific Theatre, as it had been in the desert. The complete lack of roads and the…

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Step by Step: Australian Commandos Review & Painting Guide

Bryan Cook yet again astonishes us with his painting and drops a few words of wisdom on the new Australian Commandos. Review Bryan: G’day fellas! Warlord Games has finally released the first of it’s Australian range in the form of the Independent Company Commandos. The miniatures are fantastic sculpts, very accurate and a pleasure to…

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In the pipeline: Cool Waterloo & a little South Pacific action!

Let’s have a little look inside the studio… Coming for a set later this year are two superb characters for the Historic battle at Waterloo period. Warlord Sculptor Wojtek has injected an immense amount of character into these two commanders, capturing the swagger of the British officer giving commands as he partakes of his favorite…

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