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New: Bolt Action Campaign: New Guinea

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Our antipodean friends rise to the challenge and step into the jungles of New Guinea in this new and challenging theatre of war!

401010004 Bolt Action Campaign New Guinea 600x72 plus fig

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This book is a long anticipated expansion for Bolt Action, the 28mm scale tabletop wargame set during World War II. Whilst there is historical detail within the narrative, this volume is not a history book – it is first and foremost a wargaming supplement…


The fantastic team who put this book together took feedback from reviews of previous supplements and opinions from the Bolt Action community via With this information to hand, the intention was to provide a good mixture of scenarios, new units, and new rules whilst still giving some historical background for context. Some previously published rules and units have also been reprinted – this is to save players the expense of buying additional books for content which is vital to this volume, but might form only a small part of other books.


The New Guinea campaign spanned several years and thousands of miles; to even attempt to summarise such a huge campaign into a book of this size is to accept that it cannot do justice to those who fought in it. Many critical battles have not been presented as scenarios in this book, merely due to the constraints of the book size and the author’s wish to present a variety of very different scenarios for players. For those who are interested in a more in-depth look at the actual historical events surrounding the New Guinea campaign, a bibliography is provided to aid you in your research


132 pages of stunning photography and full-colour art this campaign supplement includes:

Campaign Overview

Prelude Scenario 1: Operation RI

Target New Guinea
Scenario 2: The Salamaua Raid
Scenario 3: The First Battle of Kokoda
The Fighting Escalates Scenario 4: Creek Ambush T
Milne Bay Scenario 5: The Battle of Milne Bay
Fighting Back To The Beaches Scenario 6: The Battle of Buna–Gona
Pressing The Advantage Scenario 7: Bobdubi Ridge
Salamaua Scenario 8: Mount Tambu
Maintaining The Offensive Scenario 9: Scarlet Beach
Unhealthy For The Japanese’ Operation Cartwheel Scenario 10: Los Negros
The Last Strategic Point Scenario 11: The Aitape Counter Attack
Bougainville Scenario 12: Slater’s Knoll The Aftermath

Legends of New Guinea:
Second Lieutenant Tetsuo Ogawa
Colonel George Warfe
Captain Geoffrey Vernon
Sergeant Major Katue
Lieutenant Colonel Hatsuo Tsukamoto

Armies Of Australia:
The Army List, National Special Rules, including Limited Artillery Support, Aggressive Patrolling, Never Give Up

Campaign Characteristic Special Rules:
Australia is next…, Fighting withdrawal, Jungle Warfare Masters

New units include:

  • Militia Infantry Section
  • AIF Infantry Section
  • Jungle Division Infantry Section
  • Platoon Scout Team
  • Independent Company Commando Section
  • Independent Company Raiding Party
  • Jungle Engineer Section
  • Papuan Infantry Battalion Section
  • Matilda II, CS & ‘Frog’

IJN or SNLF Scout Team
IJA Engineer Squad
Japanese Night Infiltrators
Lone Sniper

The Netherlands
Infantry Squads and Teams
KNIL Guerrilla Rifle Section
KNIL Guerrilla Light Machine Gun Section

Theatre Selectors include:
Australia 2nd Australian Imperial Force in the Mediterranean &
North Africa 1941–42
Lark Force
1942 Australian Army
Kanga Force
Defence of Milne Bay
1943–45 Australian ‘Jungle Division’
Australian Tank Troop, New Guinea 1943–45

United States of America:
Ghost Mountain Boys
US Army Late War, New Guinea

The Netherlands:
KNIL Guerrillas

Assault of New Guinea
South Seas Detachment
Japanese Pacific Defenders
IJA Heavy Machine Gun Platoon
Japanese Army, New Guinea 1943–45

Tropical Hazards including Exhaustion, Mud, & Monsoon Season

plus much much more!

Lest we forget, each of our Bolt Action books comes with a special heroic figure and New Guinea is no exception… meet Corporal ‘Bull’ Allen:

401010004 New Guinea campaign book figure 600x72

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Gear up and head to war!

Milne Bay was defended by a motley assortment of soldiers that had arrived between June and August 1942. These included veteran soldiers of the AIF’s 7th Division who had fought at Tobruk, three militia battalions of the 7th Infantry Brigade, as well as machine gun, anti-tank and anti-aircraft units.

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This set is a perfect starter into the jungles of New Guinea…

  • Australian Officer Team (Pacific)
  • Australian militia infantry section (Pacific)
  • Australian Jungle Division infantry section (Pacific)
  • 2x Papuan Infantry Battalion section (Pacific)
  • Australian PIAT and anti-tank rifle teams (Pacific)
  • Australian short 25-pdr (Pacific)
  • M3 Stuart

Or grab one of everything and get some of these units nice and early


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  • Bolt Action Campaign: New Guinea
  • Corporal ‘Bull’ Allen – New Guinea campaign book figure
  • Australian Jungle Division infantry section
  • Australian militia infantry section (Pacific)
  • Papuan Infantry Battalion section (Pacific)
  • Australian short 25-pdr (Pacific)
  • Australian PIAT and anti-tank rifle teams (Pacific)
  • Australian medium mortar team (Pacific)
  • Australian MMG team (Pacific)
  • Australian flamethrower, light mortar and sniper teams (Pacific)
  • Australian Officer Team (pacific)
  • Australian Matilda MkII tank (inc.CS/Frog flamethrower)

New Guinea Review

The War Gamer takes a look at the newest campaign book for the World War 2 Miniatures Game, Bolt Action. This book focuses on the main campaigns of the Australian and Japanese in the Pacific islands.

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