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New: Ghar Stench Vent + Ghar Bunker + Ghar Entrance

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The Ghar are colonising planets and bring with them some of their Brutalist looking habitation in the form of the new Ghar Stench Vent, Ghar Block House, and Ghar Entrance.

Ghar Block House

Ghar Block House Store Image

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Serving a double function as a bunker and a lookout, the Ghar fortify their positions with these block houses making any attack on the Ghar a dangerous prospect.

Sit your troops in a reinforced position with a full 360º viewpoint, making even the weakest of troops immensely durable within a firefight!

This fine looking Block House comes from the talented hands of Gary, Steve and the talented crew at Sarissa Precision and can be built with the options you need to use the Block House from the Chryseis Shard Supplement for Beyond the Gates Of Antares


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Ghar Entrance


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The Ghar have to get into their bases somehow! From the air, it would look as though it was just a part of the metallic surface of a world, but the clever engineering allows the Ghar to come and go almost undetected!


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Ghar Stench Vent

Ghar Stench vent 1

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The Ghar aren’t the most hygienic creatures in the Antares Universe, so to compensate when they live a prolonged amount of time in a closed environment, they have to have stench holes or vents, to literally, let all the stink out.

They can be found in any Ghar base, making them essential for those Ghar-ified battlefields and bases. Because of their frequent use, the Ghar had the forethought to reinforce the vent with a barricade at the ground base, making it a fortifiable structure.

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Ghar Slave Hut

Slave hut store image

Strangely enough, the lowliest Ghar Outcasts are given rudimentary accommodation nearer the surface, maybe so as to act as a first contact shield against any enemy foolish enough to investigate…

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Ghar Block House Complex (triple pack)

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Investigate the Chryseis Shard!

501010004 The Chryseis Shard front cover 600x72dpi

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More Ghar!


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