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In the pipeline: Cool Waterloo & a little South Pacific action!

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Let’s have a little look inside the studio…


Coming for a set later this year are two superb characters for the Historic battle at Waterloo period.

Warlord Sculptor Wojtek has injected an immense amount of character into these two commanders, capturing the swagger of the British officer giving commands as he partakes of his favorite cigars and the suave bravado of the French officer fearless in his belief as he commands his men forward!

If these two aren’t enough then let your eyes peruse the fantastic box art by Peter Dennis

Waterloo Starter set box cover.jpg 1000x751


And for those of a more antipodean nature check these out!

Warlord sculptor Steve Saleh is applying fresh putty even as we take photos of these formidable pacific theatre troops. As Paul Sawyer recently promised, these first models are for the Australian Independent Commando companies. Regular troops will follow…!

Keep up to date with progress on these, and many other tid bits of news to tease and enthrall you, at our Warlord Facebook page or on the Warlord Forum