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Gallery of Awesomness – Antares

It’s been a while since we last showed off your skills to the world so new Warlorder JoshB was sent on a mission amongst the Forum and Facebook pages to find nicely painted models by you guys – check out the awesome gallery of just some of the stunning work out there for Beyond the Gates…

Algoryn, Background, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites, Concord, Freeborn, Ghar, Isorian Shard

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Factions and Races

THE SEVENTH AGE Humanity has spread throughout space, to new worlds and distant galaxies, to places and realities undreamt of by our distant ancestors. Interplanetary civilisations have flourished and fallen six times over, collapsing and rising anew over countless centuries. Humankind’s first home – the planet Earth –was destroyed long ago during the forgotten wars…