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The War Gamer: Gates of Antares Painting Tutorials

Pete at TWG has done some fantastic videos on each of our Antarean races, simple and effective guides allowing you to get cracking with your own painting schemes! We’ve shown these in various newsletters over the last year so it’s time to bring them all together into one easy to find place. So sit down,…

Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites, Freeborn, The Chryseis Shard

A look inside The Chryseis Shard!

To accompany The Chryseis Shard we have 3 fantastic new individual Antarean characters whom you’ll find are heavily involved in the backstory. Aside from these newcomers, three other characters involved in our story have appeared before, Concord Commander Josen, Isorian Drone Command Xan Tu, and Ghar High Commander Karg… so who should we start with… Algoryn…

Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Community, Concord

Antares Community Showcase!

We have scouted Xilos for creations from our community recently and thought some of them deserve to be shared with you! Two Tone Algoryn Forces! Seb Jacquet uploaded an album displaying some Algoryn force! Link to Seb’s album for all the photos:   Freehand design and fluorescent painting stream! The C3 are in strong numbers…