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What is next for Antares?

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Do you want a look ahead into the future of Antares? We thought you might!

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The Chryseis Shard – Ascent of the Locus supplement is fast approaching, starting this Friday 26th May, the Freeborn are getting NEW plastics!

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They’ll come of course as a box set but you’ll also have the option of grabbing a starter force set as well:


Then you’ll get a cool new command vehicle in the form of the Solar Command Skimmer, with new rules coming in The Chryseis Shard supplement for very themed forces of drop troops and fast armies this will be just the extra firepower you’ll be after!


Then we have Prince Batu and his bodyguard Commander Baray Tsulmari – familiar names if you’ve been following the Stories about him from our friendly Antares Author Tim Bancroft:


Adventures of Batu


The Boromites are also getting a few new units alongside The Chryseis Shard – In Stores 1st July!

As a response to these new units, in July, the Algoryn are going to be setting a Hazard and a Command squad loose on the battlefield! But we want to show you these…you were not expecting special forces…here they are!

hazard squad503011003-Algoryn-SD-Commander-Ess-Ma-Rahq-01

We’ll reveal more in the future but for now that is it! What are you most looking forward to getting?

Explore the Chryseis Shard

501010004 The Chryseis Shard front cover 600x72dpi

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