Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares

New: Antares Drones

Arguably one of the most useful assets within the Antarean universe, you can now expand your automated force even further with these specialist drones! Synchroniser Drone shard View in Store The synchroniser drone is a buddy drone that enables the combat shard of one unit to synchronise its actions with another unit within the same…

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Drones and tanks: Antares in 2018

Before the Antares activity for 2018 gets underway…let’s take a look back at 2017 and what a year it has been! Happy New Year! 2017 saw a continued expansion to the Antares range. We finished the core units for each faction, released the Chryseis Shard supplement, Hazard suits, several new M4/T7 based vehicles, more Ghar…

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New: Algoryn AI Heavy Support Team with X-Howitzer

Provide long-range cover for your Algoryn forces with the new heavy support team with X-howitzer. View in Store The Algoryn are a proud warrior race ruled by military elites who have earned their place in combat. The Algoryn Prosperate boasts some of the most highly-trained, motivated and best-equipped forces in Antarean space. Its arsenals produce…