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New: Algoryn AI Heavy Support Team with X-Howitzer

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Provide long-range cover for your Algoryn forces with the new heavy support team with X-howitzer.

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The Algoryn are a proud warrior race ruled by military elites who have earned their place in combat. The Algoryn Prosperate boasts some of the most highly-trained, motivated and best-equipped forces in Antarean space. Its arsenals produce basic but effective and sturdy weapons, able to endure the toughest conditions and serve in the most demanding of battles.

This product contains the following models:

  • 1 Algoryn X-howitzer
  • 3 Algoryn AI crew
  • 1 Algoryn Spotter Probe
  • 1 munitions pod

Of all the heavy weaponry employed by the elite Vector formations the unibore artillery type magnetic launcher – or X-howitzer – is the most common. The X-howitzer is capable of shooting explosive projectiles or a wide variety of special munitions.

The machine’s long magnetic rails generate tremendous kinetic energy endowing it with a long range and making it highly effective against all kinds of enemy targets whether troops, buildings or vehicles. X-howitzer crews are expert technicians ably assisted by spotter drones. Position for maximum field of fire and dominate the battlefield!

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