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New: European SAS Jeep + Armoured Jeep

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The new SAS jeeps are designed to traverse any difficult and dangerous terrain, armed to the teeth with as many machine guns as possible… a prickly foe indeed!

SAS Jeep (NW Europe)

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The SAS were quick to see the potential for a rugged vehicle such as the Jeep, and in their usual manner added as many guns as it could possibly carry. As with the LRDG vehicles, these are primarily mobile combat weapons rather than transportation.

At a cost of 72 points for a Veteran Crew (come on, they’re SAS after all) this jeep comes armed with a forward facing Heavy Machine Gun and Vickers K gun as well as a rear facing Light Machine gun! All this wrapped up with the Recce special rule for a trifling 77 points. (Armies of Great Britain page 56).

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SAS Armoured Jeep (NW Europe)

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Upgrading the amount of weaponry, the SAS use this jeep when they know they’ll be under heavy fire, use its recce ability to sneak in and race out with plenty of firepower to deter any pursuit.

This jeep is kitted out with 5 Medium Machine Guns,  3 forward-facing and 2 rear-facing. As a 6+ soft-skinned vehicle you won’t want to go head to head with a dug in enemy, but hit and run with the recce rule will do quite nicely with this amount of firepower! Not bad for 97 points…

Cost: 56pts (inexperienced), 70pts (Regular), 84pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 2 forward-facing LMG, 1 forward-facing LMG and 2 rear-facing LMGs.
Damage value: 6+ (soft skin).
Options: May replace any LMGs with Vickers K guns counting as MMGs for +5pts each.
Special Rules: Recce
Frontal armour: This vehicle cannot be damaged by small arms hits from the frontal arc, but will still be pinned as normal.

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North West European SAS Assault Section:

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The classic Boys Own adventure can start here… Field your SAS Section with freshly issued jeeps bristling with weaponry and equipment needed for those long patrols behind enemy lines! 364 points of mayhem…

This set contains:

  • 8 (NW Europe) SAS troops
  • 2 SAS jeeps(with 6 crew)

Behind Enemy Lines Assault:

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This Battle Set is an ideal starting set for a very themed series of games deep in the heart of enemy occupied France!

Elite SAS troops, utilising the new resin SAS jeeps, have joined up with local resistance fighters. Now with elite training, national pride, and a drive to defeat their enemy, this new force is ready to deal a devasting blow… Will the German opposition be able to defend themselves???

This Battle Set contains:

  • 1 Kublewagen, 1 crew
  • 1 Motorcycle, 2 crew
  • 1 Truck
  • 30 Germans
  • 18 partisans
  • 8 (NW Europe) SAS
  • 4 French SAS (NW Europe) Heads
  • 2 SAS jeeps(with 6 crew)

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