The Chryseis Shard

Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites, Concord, Freeborn, Ghar, Isorian Shard, The Chryseis Shard

Drones and tanks: Antares in 2018

Before the Antares activity for 2018 gets underway…let’s take a look back at 2017 and what a year it has been! Happy New Year! 2017 saw a continued expansion to the Antares range. We finished the core units for each faction, released the Chryseis Shard supplement, Hazard suits, several new M4/T7 based vehicles, more Ghar…

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites, Latest Products, The Chryseis Shard

New: Boromite Miner Tas Geren’do + Rover Drone Surveyor

Roam the depths of the Chryseis III mines with venerable Rock Father Tas Geren’do, and accompany him with the new Rover Drone Surveyor… Boromite Miner Tas Geren’do View in Store TasGeren’do is a venerable Rock Father whose long and colourful past was spent – or more accurately misspent – chasing riches, dreams and women. As…

Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites, Freeborn, The Chryseis Shard

A look inside The Chryseis Shard!

To accompany The Chryseis Shard we have 3 fantastic new individual Antarean characters whom you’ll find are heavily involved in the backstory. Aside from these newcomers, three other characters involved in our story have appeared before, Concord Commander Josen, Isorian Drone Command Xan Tu, and Ghar High Commander Karg… so who should we start with… Algoryn…

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Want to learn or try Antares?

The information in this article is now out of date and the Gate Builder programme is not currently in effect. The article remains as a reminder of how the Gate Builders system worked. Then we have the people to help! What are Gate Builders? The Gate Builders are a small group of volunteer, experienced Antares…

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Freeborn, Latest Products, The Chryseis Shard

New: Freeborn Solar Command Skimmer

The Freeborn have attained a new level of command and control, leading the charge is the new Solar Command Skimmer. View in Store The Solar Skimmer is a reconstructed Concord Transporter Drone designed to carry a human crew and configured for alternative manual operation. In practice it is a drone vehicle with crew override capabilities,  designed…

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