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The information in this article is now out of date and the Gate Builder programme is not currently in effect. The article remains as a reminder of how the Gate Builders system worked.

Then we have the people to help!

Gate Builders MC

What are Gate Builders?

The Gate Builders are a small group of volunteer, experienced Antares players who are available to run introductory games for players wanting to try Beyond the Gates of Antares. What’s more, they are happy to go around different clubs or venues and introduce people to the game.

So, if you or your club have heard of Antares and want to try, please get in touch. They all have demonstration armies to use and loan out and can bring along a variety of forces, templates, dice, rules, advice and, most of all, enthusiasm for the game and a great attitude. Many even have terrain they can bring along, too!

How to contact a Gate Builder

The best way to contact a Gate Builder is either through Andy Hobday at Warlord (via or Tim Bancroft ( Both are on Facebook and can be contacted via the Beyond the Gates of Antares (IMTel) Facebook group, as can all the Gate Builders. Tim can also be contacted via a private message on the Warlord Antares Forums (user ‘halfbat’).

You can go along to the Gate Builder’s local clubs, all of which are listed below, and some play home games, as well. Many run Antares events, whether tourneys, campaigns, leagues or bootcamps, and several have offered to arrange showcase days at other clubs – perhaps yours!

Overall, each Gate Builder is happy to provide tactical advice on how to play Beyond the Gates of Antares, how the rules work, painting hints and tips and how to build your forces. Several have their own Antares blogs, podcasts or video blogs on subjects ranging from faction overviews to painting to game reports and even rules insights – a wealth of knowledge and advice.

Who and where are the Gate Builders?

The Gate Builders and their locations are listed below. If no special contact details are shown, then get on touch through the local clubs or via PM on Facebook or via Andy and Tim (as above).

UK/Central South (Stonehenge) and possibly further afield – Tim Bancroft
Tim co-ordinates the Gate Builders and is a regular member at the Boscombe Down & Amesbury Wargames Club ( at the Nicolson Centre, Amesbury (Tuesday nights). He is happy to cover areas around Hampshire and Wiltshire and possibly further field subject to notice and planning. Tim runs an Antares podcast, the Freeborn Shard and regularly writes for Warlord on Antares.

Information about other individual Gate Builders has been removed.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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