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Algoryn Liberator Weapons Hi Mag + X10 Special

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Update December 2017: While people back in April were expecting there to be a plastic Liberator by now, problems with the mould have led to this being put back in favour of other vehicles being released for the first time. Please bear this in mind while reading the article below.

Equip your Liberator with new compression and mag technology! You’ll be able to create a unit that can counter any threat!

Mag Weapons!

These metal weapons are perfect for upgrading your Liberator, mounting on your own conversions or battlefield emplacements… what will you build for Antares?


Most mag weapons work of the basis of firing a burst of projectiles in various forms. Relatively speaking, bigger the barrel, more powerful the shot with mag weaponry, but even the light mag support has enough stopping power to wipe out whole squads.
This set contains:

  • Mag Cannon
  • Two Mag Light Support
  • Twin Mag Light Support


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Special Weapons!


From the practical mag light support, you can equip even the building breaking fractal cannon which has nearly infinite potential to destroy buildings and defences. And lastly, the compression cannon, as it literally blasts your enemies, and the cover around them, into nothingness, you certainly have a plethora of choices!
This set contains:

  • Compression Cannon
  • Fractal Cannon
  • Mag Light Support


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Grab yourself a Liberator!

With the plastic version due to be released later this year we couldn’t wait to get your big guns into action with this huge resin and metal set!

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Algoryn Liberator with full Weapon Options

Or….grab the complete set right here! No faff!

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