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New: Algoryn Plastic Command, Hvy. Mag Cannon and New Starter Army!

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Bolster your Algoryn forces now with these strong and capable units and hard hitting weaponry!

As one of the factions found in the introductory set Strike on Kar’a Nine, the Algoryn troops fight in a series of skirmishes and larger battles, now the new plastic command arrive to support players in commanding their forces on the vast Antarean battlefields…

Algoryn Command Squad


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Already own Strike On Kar’A Nine? This is a fantastic command squad to further enhance your plastic Algoryn troops. It contains a large sprue with all the components required to create a 5 man command group and two drones – a medic drone and spotter.

Boxed set containing:

  • 5 plastic miniatures
  • 2 drones.

Algoryn Heavy Mag Cannon


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As your troops march on to the battlefields, there needs to be a supporting weapon that offers heavy artillery. The Heavy Mag Cannon is designed to deliver a single shot at incredible velocity, it is the most powerful weapon of its kind! The Mag Cannon is extremely effective against both infantry and heavily armoured targets.

Boxed set containing:

  • 1 Heavy Mag Cannon
  • 3 crew
  • 1 Spotter drone

Algoryn Starter Army

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Want to start an Algoryn army or strengthen your active force? Now is the perfect opportunity with this starter set featuring all the main units!

Boxed set containing plastic, metal and resin miniatures:

  • Three 5 man infantry squads
  • One 5 man command squad
  • One X-launcher
  • One Avenger Attack Skimmer

A great value army option for all Algoryn players!


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