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New: Boromite heavy support team with X-Howitzer

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The Heavy Support arrives for the Boromite clans, using mixed ammunition dependant on the target the Boromite X-Howitzer is a powerful artillery piece ideally suited to digging out entrenched troops.

Boromite Heavy Support team with X-Howitzer

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Boromites are practically-minded, physically strong human morphs whose ancestors were bio-engineered in ancient times to work as deep-space asteroid miners. They are skilled technicians, often adapting or repurposing equipment that falls into their hands.

One of the most common heavy weapons throughout Antarean space is the unibore artillery type magnetic launcher – or X-howitzer. The X-howitzer is capable of shooting explosive projectiles or a variety of special munitions. The machine’s long magnetic rails generate tremendous kinetic energy endowing it with a long range and making it highly effective against all kinds of enemy targets whether troops, buildings or vehicles. X-howitzer Boromite crews are highly capable engineers ably assisted by spotter drones.


This set contains the following resin and metal models:

  • 1 Boromite Heavy Support team with X-howitzer and three crew
  • 1 Boromite Spotter Drone
  • 1 Ammunition Dispenser

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