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New: Cobblestone Road Sections

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Cobblestone Road Sections from Frontline Games

The Cobblestone Road Sections are easily customisable! They are 1/8th” thick and can be used for a wide range of environments including villages for Bolt Action!

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  • 5 x 4″ wide and 12″ long Cobblestone Roads made of a flexible PVC and come in grey (all you have to do is stain them with black and dry-brush!).

PVC is very customizable, may be cut to make different road sections (see tutorial)!

Can be painted with Acrylic (Water-based) paints and takes it very well.

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Pictured above is the Cobblestone Roads painted as a sample of what you can do with them!

Check out a Cobblestone Road Sections painting tutorial here.

Roads are supplied unpainted.


Keep on rolling on the road to Berlin!

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