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New: The Battle For Normandy Ultimate Collection

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This is the ultimate Battle for Normandy collection, it is absolutely jam-packed and entirely dedicated to re-enacting the Normandy landings on your Bolt Action battlefield! 182 Infantry 14 weapon teams 3 vehicles plus defences to storm on your D-Day battlefield…

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The Allies have launched their combined assault onto the dug-in Axis forces. This bundle contains both, the overwhelming might of the US forces dwelling onto the coast of France and the determined defences of the Germans.

This massive set contains:
German Forces:

US Forces:

Breakdown of units:

German Grenadier Infantry

Contains 30 plastic figures

Well led from the highest command right through to the infantry squad, the German soldier fought on against overwhelming odds right to the last days of the war, delivering punishing counterattacks when least expected.

The sprue makes 6 men and includes 11 different heads and the following weapons:

  • STG44 Assault Rifle
  • PPSh SMG
  • Kar 98K Rifle
  • MG42 Light Machine Gun
  • Rifle Grenade attachment
  • MP40 Sub-machine Gun
  • Kar 98K Rifle
  • Gewehr 43 Rifle
  • Stick grenade
  • Panzerfaust

German Army HQ

Contains 4 metal figures

German officers were capable and often experienced leaders. Junior officers were trained to undertake the role of their own immediate superiors, enabling them to use their intuition to take control of situations when necessary.

German Heer MG42 HMG Team (1943-45)

Contains 3 metal figures + Machine gun

Known as “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” on account of its high rate of fire. The MG42 fired 1250 rounds/minute, more than twice that of the British Vickers Machine Gun and American Browning.

German Heer FOO team (1943-45)

Contains 3 metal figures

Forward observers are liaison officers responsible for coordinating the attack of heavy artillery batteries from behind the lines or aircraft strikes. They are likely to be accompanied by a radio operator and other immediate attendants.

German Heer leFH 18/40 10.5cm howitzer (1943-45)

Contains 4 metal crewmen + 1 Artillery piece

The Germans employed howitzers of 105mm calibre and larger at the divisional level. These long-ranged weapons would be unlikely to see close up action unless of course, they were to be caught up in a rapid enemy advance.

German Heer 81mm medium mortar team (1943-45)

Contains 3 metal figures + 1 Mortar

The standard German medium mortar of the war was the 81mm Granatwerfer 34. It was a very effective and accurate weapon that could provide long-range fire support and was used throughout the conflict on most theatres.

Flak Bunker

Contains 1 plastic building

This Flak Bunker is based on the R677 bunker template with dual purpose anti-tank and anti-aircraft capability. Commonly house either 7.5cm anti-tank guns and light anti-aircraft guns such as the 2cm, 3.7cm and quad 2cm flak guns they provided deadly firepower capable of striking invaders as they landed as well, at sea and protection from Allied air attack.

Coastal command bunker

Contains 1 plastic building

This Coastal Defence bunker follows the R612/R680 templates for coastal defence bunkers with its distinctive flanking wall. These bunkers would most commonly house either 7.5cm anti-tank guns or 10.5cm field howitzers and provided deadly firepower capable of striking invaders as they landed as well as at sea.

German Heer 75mm PaK 40 anti-tank gun (1943-45)

Contains 4 metal crewmen + Artillery Piece

The 7.5 cm PaK 40 (7.5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 40) was a German 7.5-centimetre anti-tank gun developed in 1939-1941 by Rheinmetall and used during the Second World War. PaK 40 formed the backbone of German anti-tank guns for the latter part of World War II and was used in most war theatres.

German Heer 3.7cm Flak-43 AA gun (1943-45)

Contains 4 metal crewmen + Anti-air Gun

The German flak 43 was a ubiquitous automatic anti-aircraft gun that served in most theatres of WW2 with the Army Navy and Luftwaffe. It carried quite a punch and was rightly feared by Allied fighter-bombers, one hit often being enough to down a fighter.

Kriegsmarine Squad

Contains 10 metal figures

The men of the Kriegsmarine were often asked to do more than serve at sea. U-Boat and ship crews could be found in land actions in many theatres, wearing their trademark blue sailor’s uniforms or the grey-blue U-Boat leathers as they took the fight to the enemy.

The German Navy (or Kriegsmarine) had the peculiar battle in honour of being involved in the first action of WW2 and also its last.

Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H medium tank

Contains 1 plastic tank – capable of making 3 different variants

Whilst the propaganda headlines may well have gone to the big cats such as the Panther and the Tiger, the Panzer IV was the backbone of German armoured capability throughout the war.

US Infantry WWII American Gis

Contains 30 plastic figures

This box gives you a platoon of tough, well-trained troops with enough firepower to successfully perform almost any task given to them.

American troops were after all aggressive, resourceful and supremely well-equipped…

US Army command

Contains 3 metal figures

American forces started the war with no experience of combat and often with minimal training. Once exposed to the realities of warfare both officers and men learned quickly. Both experience and promotion often came very quickly whether in Europe or the Pacific.

US Army Forward Observation Officer Team

Contains 3 metal figures

Ordering the support batteries to fire on their command, based on their assessment of the tactical situation, this US FOO can prove invaluable in coordinating your indirect fire on your opponent.

LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel – Higgins Boat + Crew

Contains 1 MDF vehicle from Sarissa Precision + 2 Metal Crewmen

The .30cal was the mainstay MMG of the war and these fantastic new sculpts from the Warlord Studio wonderfully add an extra bit of firepower to the Sarissa MDF Higgins boats in your collection.

M4 Sherman medium tank

Contains 1 plastic tank

The Sherman Tank was the mainstay of the American army. The Break out from the Normandy beaches and the bocage could never have been achieved without the armoured support. Although they had their weaknesses their impressive adaptability, firepower and large production numbers enabled the Allies to overpower the Germans.

US Army 81mm medium mortar

Contains 3 metal figures + Mortar

In the American army, the role of the medium mortar was fulfilled by the 81mm calibre M1 mortar. The mortar was the biggest killer of infantrymen throughout the war. An average crew could fire a dozen bombs in a minute.

US Army 30 Cal MMG team firing

Contains 3 metal figures + Machine gun

The Americans were equipped with an excellent medium machine gun: the Browning M1919A4 .30cal. Because of its weight (31lbs), it was always used with a tripod. It had a rate of fire of 500 rounds per minute and an effective range of over 1,000 metres.

Contains 3 metal figures + Artillery piece

The U.S. version, classified as substitute standard under the designation 57 mm Gun M1, was based on the 6 pounder Mk 2, two units of which were received from the UK.

By mid-1944 the M1 was the standard antitank gun of the U.S. infantry in the Western Front and outnumbered the M3 in Italy.