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Spotlight: Vehicles of the 7th Armoured Desert Rats

The 7th Armoured Division, nicknamed ‘The Desert Rats’, found fame in their North African campaign, but they also played a vital role in the D-Day landings. “Dear Desert Rats! May your glory ever shine! May your laurels never fade! May the memory of this glorious pilgrimage of war which you have made from Alamein, via…

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New: The Battle For Carentan

After the success of the Normandy landings, the US Airborne forces engage the German defenders inside the French city of Carentan, re-enact the same engagement with the Battle for Carentan set… View in Store The German Fallschirmjager and the US Airborne fight for control over the French city of Carentan. Veteran soldiers imbued with an…

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LCVP Machine Gun Crew + Flotilla

Out today to lend a little firepower to your invasion fleet are the LCVP Machine Gun Crew, plus single landing craft and even a flotilla! US LCVP Machine Gun Crew (x3 pairs) The .30cal was the mainstay MMG of the war and these fantastic new sculpts from the Warlord Studio wonderfully add an extra bit…

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Coastal Defence bunker – Plastic terrain

Following their early success in conquering much of Europe in the Blitzkrieg years, the German Wehrmacht set about developing almost impregnable defences such as the famous Atlantic Wall Coastal Defence bunker which faced the Allied invasion of France in 1944. View in Store This Coastal Defence bunker follows the R612/R680 templates for coastal defence bunkers…

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New: The Battle For Normandy Ultimate Collection

This is the ultimate Battle for Normandy collection, it is absolutely jam-packed and entirely dedicated to re-enacting the Normandy landings on your Bolt Action battlefield! 182 Infantry 14 weapon teams 3 vehicles plus defences to storm on your D-Day battlefield… View in Store The Allies have launched their combined assault onto the dug-in Axis forces….

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New: Flak Bunker – Plastic terrain

With much of mainland Europe under the heel of the German jackboot, the German Wehrmacht built almost impregnable defences such as the famous Atlantic Wall Flak Bunker… View in Store This Flak Bunker is based on the R677 bunker template with dual purpose anti-tank and anti-aircraft capability. Commonly house either 7.5cm anti-tank guns and light…

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